School Board Briefs: April 2014

Ninth-grade physical science builds robots, shows board
The ninth-grade physical science class used various scientific tools and skills to build robots that can help students’ everyday lives.
Some of the projects the group completed were demonstrated in front of the School Board on April 21. Some of the inventions included a car, a pencil sharpener, a cleaning robot and a lawn mower.

TACSEI update
Teachers from the preschool program TACSEI (Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children ) said the program, which teaches students to resolve their own problems with the help of cards, is going well. In their update, the teachers explained that they will be expanding the program from just the preschool to kindergarten this fall as well.

Computer purchases
The School Board approved the appropriations to purchase laptop computers to replace the computer lab in the elementary. The rooms are needed for classes, and the laptops will be put on carts to roll to rooms that need them for computer lab-type projects.

New positions and hirings
Several new positions and new hires were added recently at Milaca Public Schools. In the extracurricular realm, the board approved the hire of a seventh-grade assistant baseball coach, as well as an assistant boys golf coach. They also approved the hiring of a paraprofessional and a special education teacher. They moved to dismiss and non-renew longtime substitute teacher Aimee Peterson.

May 5-9 will celebrate Milaca school staff
The week of May 5-9 will officially be School Nurse Appreciation Week as well as Teacher Appreciation week at Milaca Public Schools. The School Board unanimously approved to recognize both the school nurses and the teachers for their effort and hard work.
The board also approved the lowering of fees to rent the gym, kitchen and cafeteria.