April 15

Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance: The regular meeting of the School Board of District #477 was called to order by Chair Deb Ulm on the 15th day of April, at 7:00 p.m. in the District Office Board Room.
Roll Call: Members Present: Craig Johnson, Eric Minks, Jeremy Miller, Chuck Nagle, Howard Vaillancourt, Deb Ulm, and Chad Young, Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Julia Espe, Director of Business Services Michelle Czech, Director of Human Resources Brenda Alexander. Student Council Rep: Absent. Citizen Comments: None
APPROVE AGENDA Motion made by Craig Johnson, and seconded by Chad Young, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
DISCUSS and ACT on PREVIOUS BOARD MEETING MINUTES Motion by Craig Johnson, and seconded by Howard Vaillancourt, to approve the April 1, 2014 Regular School Board meeting minutes as they are presented. Motion passed unanimously.
CONSENT AGENDA Motion made by Howard Vaillancourt, and seconded Craig Johnson, to approve the consent agenda items: Personnel, Bills, Fundraisers, Wire Transfers, Treasurers Report, Gifts, and the Election Judges and Head Judges pay. Motion passed unanimously.
INFORMATION: Referendum Update – Superintendent Espe provided the board with election items the districts personnel has accomplished since the last board meeting. The complete list is on file in the Superintendents office at 706 1st St.
Request from the City for Tax Increment Financing Resolution
Director of Business Services Michelle Czech provided an overview of the information sent to the district from the city regarding a request for a tax increment financing resolution. Glenn Metalcraft is expanding its facility. There is a meeting on May 6 to address any concerns or to support the TIF resolution. The District can bring any comments or concerns from the Board. The Board asked that the District fully support the TIF for Glenn Metalcraft.
1st Policy Reading
Deleting of Policy #426 Cell Phones was approved for the first reading by the Board for it to be deleted from policy and turning into a procedure for the procedure manual.
2nd Policy Readings
Motion made by Howard Vaillancourt, and seconded by Chad Young to approve Policies: #203.5 School Board Meeting Agenda, #205 Open Meetings and Closed Meetings, and #707 Transportation.
Upon roll call the following voted in favor of: Howard Vaillancourt, Craig Johnson, Chad Young, Deb Ulm, Chuck Nagle, Eric Minks, and the following voted against: Jeremy Miller. Motion passed 6:1.
ACTION: Summer Food Program Director of Food Service Deanna Cooley provided the board with an overview of the summer food program. This program is free for all children; families do not have to provide proof of eligibility, and they do not have to be from our district. Adults can eat for a minimum charge of $3. The location is the Middle School. Breakfast and lunch will be served Monday Friday during the entire summer except for first week of summer, and July 4. The program will run on only one day during the last week of summer.
Motion was made by Howard Vaillancourt, and seconded by Jeremy Miller, to approve the Summer Food Program. Motion passed unanimously.
ADJOURN Meeting adjourned at 8:46 p.m.
Chair, Deb Ulm
Clerk, Eric Minks
Recorder: Bridget Sorensen
Published in the
Princeton Union Eagle
May 15, 2014

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