School Board Briefs: May 6, 2014 meeting

The Princeton School Board conducted the following business at its May 6, 2014 meeting. Written by Joel Stottrup.

Cell phone policy
The school board passed a motion deleting the old cell phone policy and moved the new rules on cell phones to a procedure manual. Among the main changes are that the district will no longer (except in special situations) be supplying cell phones, but will instead go to a system of a business-expense reimbursement. The reimbursement will be $45 per month for a cell phone, or $90 per month if the cell phone has a data plan.
In order to receive the reimbursement the district employees must meet certain criteria. That includes being required to be readily accessible for frequent contact with the public or with district faculty, staff or students. Also, the employee’s job would limit their access to regular land-line telephones that would satisfy the required business communication needs.

First readings
The board approved the first readings of four proposed new policies, meaning the board could approve them at their next meeting. The proposed policies are on harassment and violence, staff development, protection and privacy of pupil records, and organization of grade levels.

Referendum update
Superintendent Julia Espe noted that many school staff members did a lot of hard work to prepare for the May 20 referendum to request permission from district voters to borrow nearly $30 million. The money would go for building a new K-2 school, make an addition at the high school and improve entry ways for security where needed in the school buildings.

High school league
The board passed a resolution affirming that the school board delegates the control, supervision and regulation of League-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities to the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). It also affirms the board adopting the MSHSL constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations and more.