Letter: Thank you for school support


A BIG thank you to you for voting to proceed with our construction projects! I knew that we had a supportive community, and now I know how supportive and generous our community is as well. Please know that we will be good stewards of the dollars that you have invested in our district facilities.

The planning phase of the projects will begin soon. We will be having our first kick off meeting next week, reviewing the community’s priorities and creating a process to move forward.

One of the first steps will be to determine the process for South Elementary. As we communicated previously, we will need to determine a price for its sale.

We will need to appoint a Project Oversight Committee for ongoing decision-making and planning. A Core Planning Group of 25 to 30 people will be assembled for summer work. This group will include teachers, staff, key administrators and a few community members. In the fall, we will assemble the Core Planning Group for the high school projects.

Again, thank you! The new construction will be a good investment in our thriving community.


Julia Espe


Princeton School District