Letter: We need your help

We are two friends who moved to Princeton about 10 years ago when we bought a farm.

We thought that country living was what we both needed. We wanted to raise goats and other small animals, which we have for some time, but the powers that be have not been very cooperative.

The weather has not been kind to us, which I’m sure you are all aware of.

We named our small farm “Shady Ladies Farm” since there are (were) many shade trees and it was a beautiful place to live.

Since this last storm of straight-line winds, many of those beautiful trees are lying on the ground.

Since I am in my mid- to late-70s and my friend is in her early 60s, we are not in the greatest of health.

We also found that homeowners insurance does not cover the cleanup needed.

I am asking for your help!

My friend is a very private person and does not know that I am asking for your help.

Please, anything you can do to help, would be greatly appreciated.


Patricia Chapman