Letter: Feral children in Princeton show no respect

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T” is not just a song sung by Aretha Franklin.
This a very important attribute that is missing in a few or many of the young or adult children in our community. Personally, I feel that it has its beginning at home, goes into school, respecting each other’s feelings and property. There is also a lack of respect for older individuals.
My main reason that I’m writing is to bring attention to the spray painting of buildings in Princeton. As a business owner, I enter the alley between First and Second streets almost daily – over the years, there are new “signatures,” so the “feral children” change.
Dr. Lingle’s and the former Thrifty White historic brick need to be sandblasted, the others can be repainted.
Both cost money and time, two pieces of anyone’s business that are unjust burdens. The VFW building was recently redone as a gift to them – it has been painted by “SPOOK,” Trinity Crossing and Crystal’s space.
Also, the seating blocks (weighing at least 400 pounds) that are at the end of the sidewalk by Steven’s side door – the top one was pushed down into Riverside Park. These were paid for and are tributes to individuals.
I don’t want to throw these kids in jail; I want them to do community service, and to take Respect 101!

Carol Ossell