Seven Can Soup

A favorite recipe of John and Vicky Kline

1 lb ground beef

2 cans minestrone soup

2 cans vegetables, all drained

2 cans ranch-style beans (or combination of pinto, northern, kidney or black beans)

1 can Rotel tomatoes


In a large pot on the stove, brown the ground beef, drain the liquid. Mix remaining ingredients with the meat, simmer over medium heat until bubbling. Salt and pepper to desired tasted.

John Kline: “I recommend serving with crusty bread.”


It is summer and parade season! I love parades – the tractors, the princesses riding on floats, the bands and the horses. I have gone to two parades this year, one in Pine Island and one in Princeton, and had so much fun.

The highlight from the Princeton parade was that I got to be a participant, playing in the “Fairview Bedpan Brigade,” which is a lot like a drumline, but much more casual and instead of playing drums, we play drum sticks on bedpans. We played to the songs YMCA and Doo-a-Ditty. It was so much fun. If you want to see this attraction, come to the Milaca parade on Thursday, June 19. The bedpan drummers are hospital personnel and doctors.

The highlights of the Pine Island Cheese fest parade were that they had three bands and 35 tractors. But my special treat was that one of the politicians, John Kline, running for U.S. congress in southern Minnesota, had a recipe on his advertisement sheet that he and his supporters were handing out. I have no idea of his political views, so am not supporting him or his opponent, but I have one of his favorite recipes. I love to get recipes from wherever I go. Always on the look out for recipes for my readers.

Some special attractions I am looking forward to in the Milaca parade are the Milaca Senior High band playing “Amazing Grace,” Milaca Middle and Elementary school bands, the Fairview Bedpan Brigade and hopefully the Milaca Alumni band once again. If you love bands, this is your chance; I have heard there will be over 25 bands in the parade. It will also be my grandson Harrison’s first opportunity to watch a parade.

Thursday night make up this soup for an early supper and then get out and watch for me in the Bedpan Brigade.