Milaca school to restore old gym

“Refinishing that floor is almost a no-brainer, given the condition it is in. To me it is just something that we have to do,” Milaca Superintendent Jerry Hansen said about the old gym on Monday, June 16, at the School Board meeting.
After an approval that night to allow the building and grounds committee to form a plan, and after that plan was drafted the next day, the project to restore the old gym appears to be a go.
The restoration is set to begin at the end of July. The plan is to sand an refinish the floor, remove the old bleachers and then put in replacements, Hansen said.
The replacement bleachers would seat about 900 on one side, and the other side of the court would contain portable bleachers that seat 500, according to Hansen.
The reason for the change is that the space is now being used for more than sports, thanks to an influx in attendance in events that would have normally been held in the Dahlager Theater. That gives the school incentive to make the old gym more conducive to events beyond sports.
The statement also mentioned that the bleachers currently in the old gym are more than 40 years old, noisy, need maintenance and safety work, and are uncomfortable.
Funds are set to come from existing capital funding and general fund budgets.
“The goal of the project is to create a space that is not only more comfortable for students, parents and community members attending events in the high school gym, but more importantly, to have a place that is safer and allows the talents and skills of our students to shine even brighter than they have in the past,” Hansen said.
The plan will have to be approved by the full School Board. It will likely be on the agenda for the July 21 board meeting.