Letter: Supporting grant supports food pantry

I am writing this letter on behave of the Princeton Pantry. As most of you know, the Pantry serves the families in need of groceries that live in the Princeton school district. We are able to help these families because of donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations. We also receive grants from organizations such as Hunger Solutions. Hunger Solutions has offered us a matching grant called “Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless Food Shelf Challenge”. They will give us a grant for up to $5,000 if we try to raise money to go with it.
My request to the community is to ask for any donations that can help us qualify for this grant. The Pantry is serving over 200 families each month at the Sixth Avenue location and over 600 families each month at the First Street location. We gave out over 31,000 pounds of groceries to our clients in the month of May. Thank you for continually supporting the Princeton Pantry. We wouldn’t exist without the generous people and businesses in the Princeton area.
Thanks again to such a great community. Donations can be mailed to: Princeton Pantry 104 Sixth Ave.. Princeton, MN 55371

Shirley Hines, Director
Princeton Pantry