County Board places Herzing on leave

The Mille Lacs County Board placed Assistant County Attorney Mark Herzing on unpaid administrative leave July 15 until he is no longer a candidate in the race for Mille Lacs County attorney.

The county board’s motion (made by Dave Oslin and seconded by Genny Reynolds) concurred with the recommendation by the county’s personnel board of appeals (PBA). The PBA agreed with Mille Lacs County Attorney Jan Jude’s allegation that Herzing’s candidacy for the county attorney’s office is a “conflict of interest” being that he is an employee of the office.

Herzing is one of two people opposing Jude in her bid for reelection.

The county board agreed that the conflict of interest would end if Herzing is defeated in the Aug. 12 primary election that will narrow the field to two candidates for the general election.

Jude had already placed Herzing on a paid administrative leave June 24.

The PBA concluded that Herzing’s campaign “creates an incongruity between his duty to the public good and his self interest in winning his election.”

Herzing said afterward he was disappointed in the decision.

A complete story will be run next week.

  • Laura

    Why is it a conflict of interest for him to run while working in the office but not her? I really want to know. Can someone please explain to me what I am missing. What kind of pull does this woman have to get the board to go along with punishing her opposition in the election?

  • sick of it

    Whaaaat? How does Herzing have a conflict between self interest and public good, when Jude doesn’t? They’re both county employees running for office! IT’S THE SAME THING! Please ask the obvious question! Who is this “personnel board”? Herzing should take this to court. If you run for office, they take away your paycheck? No way is this legal. But no surprise coming from this county.