Heaney lays out EDA plan at Baldwin Board

Kathleen Heaney, Sherburne County attorney, presented the Sherburne County Economic Development Authority (EDA) plan to the Baldwin Township Board to provide economic development support for Sherburne County cities and townships.
According to the plan documents, it is not the intent of the county to duplicate city and township efforts, but rather to assist local governing authorities to continue their economic development efforts.
The purpose of the Sherburne County EDA is to complement the services provided in cities and townships by collaborating and coordinating with local partners and expanding and enhancing existing services as appropriate.
The Baldwin Township supervisors will decide at a later time whether or not to participate with the Sherburne County EDA.
Heaney said the EDA has no timeline for implementing the EDA, but wants to keep the ball rolling by having the cities and townships sign on with the EDA.
The Board decided it would be premature to sign a resolution before they knew how it was going to work. Specifically, the board wants to make sure the EDA will work with them and not against them.
“I have been on this board for six years and I have never before felt more of a need to protect Baldwin Township from the city of Princeton,” said Baldwin Township Chairman, Jay Swanson.
Road report:
Supervisor Larry Handshoe reported that the roadside mowing for the township is complete. Also, calcium chloride has been applied to roads.
Cost of living raise and health care stipend:
Also approved was a three percent cost of living increase for all regular township employees. In addition, the Board approved a health care stipend for Township Clerk Cathy Stevens in the amount of $3,024 each year. Both changes will be effective August 1, 2014.