Letter: Walsh: A competent choice for next county attorney

Minnesota’s primary election will be held Aug. 12. One of the candidates for Mille Lacs County Attorney is Joe Walsh.
Joe started to research this position last fall and decided that running for county attorney was the way he could have the most positive impact on the citizens of Mille Lacs County.
During this research, Joe determined that there were many ways the county could have a more fiscally responsible county attorney’s office that still did a great job for the county. Most importantly, Joe wants to be a county attorney that actually appears in court and helps do the real work of the office. Joe is hands-on and a very hard worker, and his efforts will reduce the money spent by Mille Lacs County taxpayers to keep the community safe.
I have been completely amazed at the energy and determination that Joe has. Two years ago, he ran with boundless energy for the House of Representatives. He used almost every extra moment campaigning along with working full time and continuing his role as a father of young children.
He continues to demonstrate this tireless energy working from early in the morning until late at night.
His ability to use technology to enable him to communicate benefits his campaign and would benefit the position of county attorney.
He would definitely be a competent attorney for the office of Mille Lacs County attorney.
Please vote for Joe Walsh in the primary on Aug. 12.

Jean Steffenson