Nelson adds another hat to her collection

Teacher, event announcer, director, mother, wife, pastor. Those used to be the six titles used to describe Teresa Nelson, of Milaca.

But she has added another recently — auctioneer.

Nelson recently completed an intensive, nine-day class at the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa.

Teresa Nelson sells items in an auction during her auctioneers training in Iowa. Photo provided
Teresa Nelson sells items in an auction during her auctioneers training in Iowa.
Photo provided

More than 20 professional instructors taught Nelson in the fields of real estate, charity, automobile, farm, antique and specialty auctions along with vocal training and auction law.

After completion Nelson was given the title “colonel” for completing the training.

“The first things I learned is that people from all walks of life have visions of becoming an auctioneer,” Nelson said. “I met so many wonderful people. It was just a plethora of people that had the same vision.”

Nelson’s vision is simple: to help people.

“You actually help people solve problems as an auctioneer,” Nelson said. “Many think that it’s just something to do, but no, you solve problems and help people, and that’s been my motivation my whole life.”

She plans mostly to do charity and fundraising auctions for good causes and nonprofits. As a former executive director of a nonprofit, she believes she has the contacts to get involved in auctioneering those events.

Nelson has a degree in public speaking and has never been intimidated by stepping in front of a crowd, which lent her to believe that auctioneering could be a great way to fulfill her vision. It’s the business side that had her on edge.

“The crowd wasn’t going to bother me, what I had to learn was the chant and the business,” Nelson said.

The decision to add another profession to the list was not an easy one for Nelson. She said that she agonized over the decision and that it was far from instantaneous. She sought out advice from the president of a Christian auctioneering association. He encouraged her to pursue the auctioneering business.

“He helped me see that I can make an impact that way as well,” Nelson said. “It’s just another way to serve people, and that’s the beauty of the whole thing.”

While Nelson has yet to run her first auction, she did get to sell a couple of items at a live auction during her training. And she has been practicing every chance she gets.

“I practice every day my chant,” Nelson said. “I’ll drive down the road and do it. I will practice when I’m working at home and try to get faster, get rhythmic.”

In the end Nelson believes that this new path will be another way for her to spread her message and help others.