School Board approves more than $240,000 for high school gym project

At the Milaca School Board regular meeting on July 21, the board approved a bid from Seating & Athletic Facility Enterprises, LLC for $242,105 to help renovate the high school gym.

The board had given the go-ahead to the building and grounds committee at the June School Board meeting to decide on and move forward with a plan, and then bring it to the July meeting for approval.

The committee decided on a plan that will include one set of stationary bleachers that have some seat backs that can seat up to 900. On the opposite side of those will be a four-section set of bleachers that are movable via a hydraulic system that can seat about 500 and can be arranged to accommodate a variety of needs.

The gym floor will also be refinished. Superintendent Jerry Hansen said that the funds that were approved will come out of the district’s general fund.

Kindergarten numbers higher than expected

With kindergarten numbers for the 2014-15 school year expected to rise, Hansen asked the board to approve the potential for the district to hire an additional kindergarten teacher.

Currently there are 138 students signed up for kindergarten, and another 13 have been confirmed, but have not signed up. Recent projections put the class at about 160 students when all is said and done.

If the district were to not hire a teacher, the class sizes would be at 22 each. If they do decide to hire a teacher, they will be at 19 each, assuming that the projected numbers are accurate.

Hansen asked the board to approve the hiring of an additional kindergarten teacher. They will post position and when the numbers reach the threshold that they expect they would hire a teacher. He said that if the numbers do not increase as much as projected, they would not hire another teacher.

Concerned parent brings up wrestling mat conditions

During the public forum of the July 21 School Board meeting, parent and resident Chris Nord came to speak in front of the board on the subject of wrestling mats.

Nord said he was concerned for not only the wrestlers’ safety, but the students that use the mats for physical education and other school activities. He believes that the mats are worn, out of date and need to be replaced.

He is a parent of a wrestler, a volunteer and has been around wrestling for many years, he said. He believes that there is not only a potential for physical injury, but for potential disease spreading due to their condition, he said.

The board listened to his concerns, and thanked him for bringing it to their attention.