Letter: Mark Herzing will serve us well

I feel the need to respond to Jeff Strand’s letter to the editor last week.

Joe Walsh has been running for the county attorney position since he lost to Sondra Erickson for State
Representative two years ago.  He has felt he was the “heir appointed” and his attack that Mark Herzing
announcing his plan to run – at the last minute – is not correct.

Mark had planned for several months to run, but knew that Jan Jude would act just as she did within days of his filing for office.  Mark has been an assistant county attorney for 10 years, he has the knowledge about what has been done in the office and what needs to be done.  He is the only candidate with Supreme Court experience, and he is the candidate with experience with tribal concerns. He works well with the Sheriff’s office and other county departments.

Wouldn’t we all like a friend of the family to dismiss a traffic ticket instead of going to court?  Jeff’s claim
that it was just a speeding ticket doesn’t make it right.  How many other times has Jan dismissed cases
because it is better or easier for her?  Our crime rate is the highest per capita of all counties in
Minnesota.  And our conviction rate is terrible.  Mark Herzing will serve us well with effective and an
efficient budget.

Please remember to vote on August 12th, and vote for someone with integrity and experience, Mark Herzing.

Linda L. Ramson, Milaca