Residents seek traffic controls on Central

Does the busy downtown intersection of Central Avenue and First Street need to be a controlled intersection?

About 320 area residents think so.

Priscilla Bracker, of Milaca, appeared at the July meeting of the Milaca City Council to express her concerns about the intersection. She said hundreds of people share her concern.

Bracker presented members of the Milaca City Council a petition containing 319 signatures asking that something be done at the intersection.

“I feel strongly that something needs to be done to prevent accidents,” Bracker said.

Bracker suggested a stop sign would be in order.

“People want something done. Since Father’s Day there have been two serious accidents,” Bracker said.

On Thursday, July 31, there was another accident in the intersection, according to reports from the Milaca Police Department.

City Manager Greg Lerud explained that the city does not control the fate of the busy intersection because First Street to the east and Central Avenue to the north and south are county roads. Any decision on intersection improvements would need to go to the county, Lerud said.

Mayor Pete Pedersen said the city would forward the petition to the appropriate people at Mille Lacs County.

“Thank you for your work,” Pedersen told Bracker.