‘Listen to your body,’ cancer survivor Mae Goodridge says

RFL mae Goodridgea

Mae Goodridge seems to revel in youthfulness at 74, noting during the Relay for Life cancer fundraiser in Princeton that she was water skiing again this year.
Not bad for someone who has survived esophageal and breast cancers and was diagnosed in January with lung cancer. All three of her cancers were caught in stage 1, the earliest stage.
After the lung cancer diagnosis, she had the right lower lobe of one of her lungs removed.
With the esophageal cancer, her esophagus was removed. She had lumpectomies and radiation and chemotherapy to deal with her breast cancer.
“I have a lot of gratitude (for the medical people who helped her), but the important thing is to listen to your body,” she said. “People are so scared (to hear a diagnosis they don’t like) and out of fear don’t go to a doctor.”