Canned String Beans

Jenna Shaw, 11, and her brother, Logan Shaw, 13, and their parents, Patrick and Kristin Shaw, live in Blue Hill Township in rural Princeton. The family has lived there about five years after moving from Cambridge.
Patrick and Kristin Shaw are both carpenters.
Jenna and Logan exhibited goats, rabbits, horses and canned string beans at the Aug. 7-10 Mille Lacs County Fair where the two siblings each received a champion recognition for their canned string beans. Both enjoy canning, baking and being in the Silver Lakes 4-H Club. Logan also enjoys playing hockey and is on a bantam youth hockey team, besides playing on a summer hockey team.

Jenna and Logan Shaw
Jenna and Logan Shaw

Logan plans to attend the Minnesota State Fair this month to exhibit his rabbit that made the state fair lineup. The rest of the family will go to the fair to watch him in the show ring.
The canned string beans that Jenna exhibited at the county fair were a mixture of yellow and green beans, while Logan’s were all green beans. The recipe that Logan supplied will work for canning both green or yellow string beans.

(Recipe is for one pint)
1/2 tsp. canning salt
string beans
pressure canner

Trim and wash the string beans and cut into pieces of equal lengths. Place the pieces into the jar, filling the jar. Fill with water to just below where the jar threads begin. Place the jar lid on and tighten the lid ring well and place jar in a pressure canner that has 2 to 3 inches of water. Canning websites offer directions and explain that there is a rack that the jar sits on that goes into the pressure canner.  Cook for 20 minutes with the pressure canner lid and gauge installed. Be careful not to remove the lid until after pressure gauge is removed and steam has escaped. Remove the hot jar from the pressure canner and set out to cool. The lid on the jar should be depressed and not move. If it clicks up and down when pushed it has not become sealed and the beans will spoil and be toxic.