Chuck Peterson to retire after 32 years of auctioneering

A Milaca area institution in the auction business, Chuck Peterson is retiring after 32 years of serving the area in various ways as an auctioneer.

Peterson said he has done everything from real estate, antiques, cattle and every other type of farm auction in his years on the job.

It all began for Peterson in 1982, when he graduated from Reisch Worldwide College of Auctioneering.

He moved to the Milaca area in 1974, but it took him eight years to find out what he really wanted to do.

“I’ve always been around the auction barns my whole life as a kid,” Peterson said. “My dad bought and sold cattle too, so I went to a lot of auctions as a kid.”

He said that another draw at the time was the popularity of auctions as a means to sell things, especially in the agriculture sector.

“Back then (when he started) there were auctions everywhere,” Peterson said. “There would be signs on every street corner, and dairy auctions and bigger farm sales then, but now the way things went, all them farmers went by the wayside.”

All during his tenure as an auctioneer Peterson has also been a farmer, and has raised cattle. He said in retirement he may still continue to do that, but he doesn’t know for how long.

As for why he decided to call it quits, he hopes to get some other things done.

“My wife retires on Sept. 1, and I guess I’ve been doing it for 32 years, so I’d like to have a little free time,” Peterson said. “I’ll enjoy the free time, and being able to go someplace without having to be rushing back.”

He said that like most jobs there were positives and negatives, but he is pretty sure which side was more plentiful.

“There was always way more ups than downs,” Peterson said.

He said he will miss it though.

“I’ll miss the people,” Peterson said. “And our auction staff that have worked for us over the years.”

There will also be those who miss his familiar cadence as it echoes through a barn, farmyard or home.