FCS volleyball young and ready to go

The Faith Christian School Saints have a new leader at the helm, and she was previously one of them. Karly Wiek, who graduate last spring from Cambridge Christian, was previously a volleyball player for FCS.

She was contacted about the job, and graciously agreed. She thinks her youth is an advantage.

The Faith Christian School volleyball team for 2014 with new coach Karly Wiek (back row, far right).  Times photo by Tyler Ohmann
The Faith Christian School volleyball team for 2014 with new coach Karly Wiek (back row, far right).
Times photo by Tyler Ohmann

“I think they like having someone younger coaching, someone they can relate to,” Wiek said. “Since I played with some of them, so it’s nice to be able to come back where I started.”

FCS has two seniors and one junior, but the rest of the squad is young and inexperienced.

“They have improved a lot since the first day, and they are working really hard,” Wiek said. “We do have an inexperienced group, they are all at different skill levels right now, we’re just trying to figure out how to work together.”

The Saints’ two seniors are Amanda Jo Hillberg and Ashley Joan Nordvik. They are both looking forward to the upcoming season.

“We did lose a lot of people that brought us to second place last year,” Hillberg said. “We had a ton of really experienced people, but this year we have a good team too, and I bet we can get far this  year.”

Nordvik too was pretty optimistic.

“We’re just going to try and do our best and see how far it gets us,” Nordvik said.

The Saints will have to try and do it without what would have been one of their more experienced seniors. Ashley Johnson, who had significant playing time as a junior last season decided not to come out for volleyball this year.

“We lost Ashley Johnson, she would have been a senior player, but she has a lot going on right now, and she decided not to play,” Wiek said. “She prayed about it a lot and decided against playing.”

Desite that and the youth movement on the team, the pair of seniors have been helping the younger players progress.

“Any advice we have had in the past, like if we notice that something that hasn’t worked for us, and we notice it on them, we try to give them advice on how to do it,” Nordvik said.

Hillberg said that there is a lot more to teach them though.

“Mainly we’ve tried to support and encourage them, and during games in the next weeks we’re going to watch them, and really cheer them on,” Hillberg said. “When we see them do something wrong, we’ll just kind of guide and correct them in a positive way.”

“We have a pretty young varsity team this year, but we’ve all played together for a good number of years, so we have a lot to look forward to this season,” Hillberg added.

Wiek is excited along with the players, and as a former player she said that her outlook as a coach for the team is no different than when she played.

“Our main goal is just to glorify God and play the best we can,” Wiek said. “I would like to see the girls be somewhat successful, and I think they can be really good, they’ve all known each other for awhile, so they have good chemistry.”

FCS kicked off their season on last Tuesday.