Personnel matters heating up in Baldwin

In a heated debate, Supervisor Tom Rush questioned the almost $10,000 increase in personnel spending for 2014.

At their last meeting, the Baldwin Township Board members approved a cost of living increase for office and maintenance employees. In addition, a health care stipend was approved for Cathy Stevens, township clerk.

“This is a double standard,” said Rush, who was chairing the meeting in Supervisor Jay Swanson’s absence.

“The fire department had to ask the township residents at the annual meeting for a raise. I think this should have gone before the public. I am not opposed to cost of living increases or health care stipends, I just think we should figure out where it is coming from the budget,” Rush said.

“The public only decides the final levy numbers. They don’t get to decide who gets raises,” Supervisor Jeff Holm said.

Holm said the fire department is different because it has volunteer status, and firefighters are paid a stipend and have a retirement program.

“I want another vote to reverse this decision because the funds are not in the budget,” Rush said.

The board will discuss this issue at its next meeting.

Comprehensive Plan adopted

The Baldwin Township Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the board on Monday, Aug. 4.

According to the document, the comprehensive plan is a guide reflecting the hopes and direction for the whole community. It’s meant to help the community understand the future direction and encourage resident participation in achieving community goals.

A copy of the comprehensive plan is available at the township office.

Upcoming event

The third annual Baldwin FunFest at Young Park will be held Saturday, Sept. 20. Vendors and volunteers are needed. Contact the township office for more information.