Community is dedicated to children, education

Welcome to the start of a new school year. Each year we learn more about our school and community. Consistently, one of the greatest strengths is our community’s dedication to children and their education. This commitment allows us to help students grow academically and build foundations from which they can continue their education and training after graduation. By combining what we have learned over the years and additional funding from new legislation, we are able to make adjustments and changes in programs for our students. Some of these changes are:

Jerry Hansen
Jerry Hansen

–Added an additional section of kindergarten to keep class sizes low.

–Restored instructional time in music, industrial technology, agriculture, science, math and FACS to increase opportunities for secondary students.

–Implemented a program for struggling readers in first grade.

–Continued training for all staff on recognizing and reducing bullying and other negative behaviors.

–Reduced fees for participating in MSHSL activities to increase student participation and involvement in school.

–Providing all K-8 students access to a Web-based individualized tutoring program (Compass Odyssey) for math and reading.

–Increased staffing for Early Childhood Family Education to help the youngest learners in our district.

As the first day of school approaches, parents of younger children should consider changing bed times and routines to match what they will be doing when school starts. If you have older elementary and middle level children, setting up plans and expectations for homework and studying will also be helpful. If you have a high school student, talking about what they will do after graduation is important. This conversation helps focus students to do quality work in the classroom. All students, regardless of age, should be reading every day. Daily reading will keep your child’s mind active and keep them “in shape” for the upcoming year.

Succeeding in school does not happen by accident. It is a result of coming together to keep “kids first.” As this year starts, I pledge to keep our focus on student achievement and what can be done in school, at home and in the community to continue to have successful students we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your help in educating our children.