Give something back to Baldwin

At a veteran’s home that I visit regularly there is a wall with huge letters: “All Gave Some and Some Gave All.” The men and women of the armed forces for which we are so proud are giving every day to preserve what we have. “We Want YOU!” You have seen the billboard. Now is the time for you to give back to your community of Baldwin to help all of us preserve our “township” status.
As you may or may not know, Baldwin Township is on a path to become the city of Baldwin. The issue will NOT be put to the voters. The decision to file for incorporation will be made by the Baldwin Town Board of Supervisors. Become part of the decision making process by becoming a candidate for the Baldwin Town Board. There are two seats open for the annual March township election. There is only a few days remaining with a filing deadline of Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 5 p.m. It is very easy at the Baldwin Town Hall at 30239 128th Street (County Road 45). The filing fee is only $2.
For many reasons apathy is alive and well in Baldwin. If everyone sits back and waits for someone else we may find a much different tax statement in our mailbox. Just ask anyone who pays real estate taxes in Princeton. As the city of Baldwin you know we will also have more regulations. Please do your part and help all of us in Baldwin to preserve what we have and enjoy.

Chuck Nagle
Baldwin Township