Increase needed in fair entries

Now that the hustle and bustle of the commercialism of Christmas is behind us, I am left with my favorite pastime!!!  I love to knit, each year I enter as many items as I can get done in the county fair.  I was told that open class entries are way down the last few years and if it might stimulate someone into getting more interested, I’ve thought about teaching people to knit or if they have knitting problems they could stop by and I can help them figure it out, hopefully without raveling!!!
I could set a day of the week that my door would be pretty much open for those who might be interested . . . I can even provide some balls of yarn left over from other projects to those who want to try it to see if they could be interested before investing money in yarn.
Let me know if this could be something of value as a public service to our local fair board.  Just my thoughts on the subject!!

Jeanine Reckinger