Snowmobile issue iced in Baldwin: Board members disagree on how to address trespassing concerns

Baldwin Township board members engaged in a heated discussion about the problem of snowmobile trespassing in Baldwin Township. Board member Jeff Holm wanted a item in the township newsletter about snowmobilers staying on the trails.

“Vacant lots are not public playgrounds,” Holms said.

The other board members wanted instead to handle the problem through law enforcement instead of putting the item in the newsletter.

Sargent Joe Schanen, deputy in charge of recreational vehicle enforcement in Sherburne County, said in a phone interview that when people have problems with snowmobile trespassing they should call the Sherburne County non-emergency number and report the issue.

“We look at the complaints and target areas for enhanced enforcement. But we have to know about the issues,” he said.

That phone number is (763) 765-3500. Schanen said that the penalty for trespassing can exceed $100 and may include a court appearance. In order to drive on private land, snowmobilers must obtain permission from the landowners.

“If you don’t own it, you have to ask,” he said.

Current snowmobile regulations for Minnesota are available online at

In other business: 

• The board approved a bid with Aurandt Tree Service to trim trees on 116th Street between County Road 38 and County Road 2. The amount of the bid was $4,800.

• The board approved the final payment of just under $2,000 for the 142nd Street project.

• Clean up day will be Saturday, May 16, 2015.

• The park committee decided tit would not be posting its minutes on the township website. Residents will be able to read the minutes at the town hall.