Times Past: Week of March 11

25 Years Ago
Thur, March 14, 1990
• Local Woman In Accident – A two vehicle accident occurred Saturday morning (March 10) at Highway 23 and Mille Lacs County Road 119, about 7:30 a.m., sending drivers and passengers to the hospital. A car driven by Richard Albert Mund, 55, St. Cloud, collided with a car driven by Barbara Cady, 44, Milaca. Cady was taken to the Fairview Milaca Hospital where she was treated and released. Mund and his two passengers were taken to the St. Cloud Hospital. His passengers were Annette Vivian Reed, 30 and her son, Chad Reed, 7. Reed’s injuries were unknown and her son was treated and released.
• Wait… The Weather Will Change – There’s an old axiom about Minnesota which states that if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. The weather lived up to that axiom last week. The high reported in last week’s Times was 34 degrees on Friday, March 2. By Monday night (March 12) the temperature had risen to the high 50’s.
• County Attorney’s Increased Workload Follows State Trend Of More Crime – The Mille Lacs County attorney’s office opened 1,003 case files in 1989, a 22 percent increase over the 824 files opened in 1988. One category contributing greatly was adult felony-gross misdemeanors which rose from 167 in 1988 to 224 in 1989.
• Locals in the news – Mrs. John Schlenker, together with a group of ladies, spent last Friday at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Mrs. Gene Helfinstine and Mrs. Tillie Girard visited MM Leroy Ekberg in Bogus Brook Wednesday afternoon.
The Gerald Hulsings of Onamia visited with the Andy Evensens on Friday evening. The Dennis Evensen family of Brainerd were their guests on Saturday
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Springtime Fun Luncheon, Cards and Games. Sat., March 24, 12:30-4 p.m. at Milaca United Methodist Church. $5 donation, proceeds for a new sanctuary.
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50 Years Ago
Thur, March 11, 1965
• Marriage Licenses – The following marriage licenses were issued the past week by Waldo A. Allen, Clerk of Court: March 3, to Axel Alfred Anderson, Bock, and Mae Evelyn Halverson, Route 4, Milaca. March 6, to Thomas Kent Tomlison, Minneapolis, and Karen Louise Axtelle, Princeton.
• Boys Find Purse And With Sheriff’s Help Locate Owner – Two Foreston brothers showed that young boys can be honest last week when they found a ladies purse on the street and turned it into the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Office in tact. The boys, Gary and Gene Larson, of rural Foreston, last Friday afternoon saw a lady get into her car and drive off. As she did so, a purse she had left on the trunk fell off the car and laid in the street. The boys tried to get her attention to stop, but she failed to notice them. They then took the purse to Sheriff Al Wilhelm and asked his help in locating the woman. It turned out the purse belonged to Mrs. Lawrence Muehlberg, of Champlin. Mrs. Muehlberg claimed the purse Saturday and stated everything was in tact and praised the boys for their thoughtfulness and honesty.
• People’s Poll – In this Session of the Legislature several bills have been introduced to regulate billboards along our highways. Let your Legislators know how you feel about this type of regulation. Fill in the ballot below and mail to: Rep. Glenn Blomquist or Rep. Bob Dunn, House of Representatives, State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota. (  ) Control billboards of Interstate highways only. (  ) Control billboards on all state trunk highways. (  ) Don’t pass any billboard control measure.
• Locals in the news – Mr. and Mrs. Einar Abrahamson helped Bob Ziebarth celebrate his birthday Sunday afternoon. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rowland and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ziebarth and Larry.
Mrs. Wallace Koksma spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Pete Jensen.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hass and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Gary and Mike, were Saturday supper guests and evening visitors at the Harold Elofson home at Braham.
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75 Years Ago
Thur, March 14, 1940
• Soloist Friday Night – Jacqueline Seedorf received a fine ovation from the 1500 spectators at the tournament Friday night when she sang “South of the Border” accompanied by the Milaca high school band. Jacqueline is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Seedorf of Milaca and she has an exceptionally fine soprano voice. She is only 11 years old and is in the sixth grade at the Milaca high school.
• Make Unique Display of Coming Show – The book that has created so much interest throughout the United States, “The Grapes of Wrath” will be shown at the Casino Theatre in Milaca for five days, starting Saturday, March 16 and ending Wednesday, March 20. Ervin Westermann and Carl Chatterson built a large book to resemble the cover of the original book for the Grapes of Wrath and it is on display outside the theatre. The book is equipped with a number of still pictures of the play and those passing on the sidewalk in front of the theatre may witness the outstanding scenes of the play by turning on an electric switch which will bring the pictures into view. The pictures are mounted on an endless belt and will continue to run as long as the switch is in the “on” position. The display is receiving very favorable comment here and from motion picture exchanges in the twin cities that are planning on using this display in other theatres in the northwest.
• A Town’s Funeral – A town that never has anything to do in a public way is on its way to the cemetery and here are some of the main events or causes leading up to the tragedy: – 1. Any citizen who will do nothing for his town is helping to dig the grave. 2. A man that continually cusses the town furnishes the coffin. 3. The man who is so selfish as to have no time to give from his own business to community affairs, furnishes the shroud. 4. The man who will not advertise drives the hearse. 5. The citizen who buys everything he can outside of town and fails to trade at home preaches the funeral sermon. 6. The man who is always pulling back from any public enterprise throws flowers on the grave. All the above named six might also well serve as pallbearers since thanks to their combined efforts the town they live in will eventually be buried and forgotten.
• Locals in the news – Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aleckson and family, Mrs. Elise Carlson, Otto and Elliot, Merlyn and Ronald Satrom were entertained at dinner and supper Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Rovang.
Elmer Bygden from near Milaca, went away with a couple good looking farm horses Tuesday.
Miss. Eileen Sisson spent Monday night and Tuesday with the Misses Gail and Jeanette Churchill.
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100 Years Ago
Thur, March 11, 1915
• Bock Post office To Be Opened – The post office at Bock will be opened to receive mail in a few days, perhaps Friday. O. A. Carlson, who has been appointed postmaster there, has received notice from the post office department that the pos toffice could receive mail as soon as the necessary arrangements were made with the railway mail service.
• Legislature News – A wife may not be excused from testifying against her husband on trial for bigamy if a proposed amendment to the criminal code is passed. The matter has been referred to the judiciary committee. The wife may, under provisions of the amendment, refuse to testify in such a case. Seven other minor altercations to the criminal code have been referred to the judiciary committee.
• Local News – Last Friday and Saturday were the worst days of the winter season, not on account of cold but because of the snow storm. Considerable snow fell both days and being accompanied by a strong wind, made quite a blizzard. The snow drifted badly and was of little value as far as sleighing is concerned. None of the rural carriers were able to make the routes Saturday, Sunday turned bright and sunny and it has continued that way since so that most of the snow has disappeared.
• Locals in the news – It is announced that Chas. Gravel of Onamia will build a large barn on his section of land at Bradbury Brook a few miles from Onamia. It will make a splendid stock farm.
Miss Elsa Peterson, who has been spending some time with her parents north of town, returned to Minneapolis on Wednesday.
A. G. Oleen has moved from his farm north of the village into the residence north of the Ellingboe place which he has purchased. Mr. Oleen has rented his farm to his son who recently sold his farm.
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