Times Past: A look at the area’s history

25 Years Ago
Thurs, April 18, 1990
• Burning Barrels Top Fire Causes – The number one cause of fires this spring are those spreading from burning barrels, according to district forester Larry Long, Onamia. Long is with the Department of Natural Resources. Long said the DNR has responded to 55 fires between March 25 and April 12, in Mille Lacs and Benton Counties, with 20 starting from burning barrels.
• Trail Marking – Members of the Milo Lamp Lighters 4-H Club marked the six mile walking trail on the west side of Milaca with signs indicating the activities the trail can be used for. As part of the Celebrate Minnesota 1990 activities, a volksmarch, or walk, is planned. Working on the trail were club leader John Beeuwsaert, Kurt Knosalla, Amy Frank, Julie Tellinghuisen, Jordan Knosalla, John Frank and Bob Beeuwsaert.
• Airport Gets Night Lighting Inspection Rating – The Milaca Airport, for the third consecutive year, received a 100 percent rating on its night lighting inspection, according to a news release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics. The Milaca inspection was one of 124 done at city-owned airports in the state. Airports start each inspection with 100 points with points deducted for each piece of lighting equipment not working.
• Locals in the news – Tracy Peterson, D.J. and David Haedt were Friday overnight guests of MM Neil Eggen and Eddie. Easter guests were their daughters, Jennifer and Cheryl, Michael and Brennan.
MM Harry Peetz and family, Mrs. John Shipman and MM Laurence Arseth were dinner guests on Easter Sunday at the home of MM Fred Peetz in Foreston.
Jack Otten and Floyd Hunter accompanied others on a fishing trip to Lake of the Woods from Friday until Sunday night.
• Advertisements – Lakedale Landscaping & Nursery, Onamia, MN. Designs, estimates, plantings of all kings. A full service company. Call anytime, Don and Mary Kunesh.
Monthly Super Buy, Liquid nails .95c; Roller cover & frame $2.22. Milaca Building Center.
Take them to the laundry BIG RED, Milaca Laundry & Car Wash.

50 Years Ago
Thurs, April 15, 1965
• PTA To Collect Books For Mt. Kiddies In South – The local PTA is working in cooperation with the National PTA to collect one million books for the Appalacian children who are deprived of school and public libraries. With the approach of spring house cleaning time, those who have books to give are urged to save them for this worthwhile project. A list of the most 100 wanted books has been prepared and copies may be obtained at the regional library and through the two school libraries.
• From Our Exchanges – Mora – The village is now the owner of a new modern fire truck. It is a Metropolitan triple combination pumper built at North Branch, Minn. and is mounted on a 1965 Dodge D700 chassis and cab. The pump has a capacity of 750 gallons per minute at 150 pounds of pressure.
• Ice Jams Blasted Loose On Rum River – Onamia maintenance crews along with county crews and with the help of Deputy Sheriff Jordan Bennett, were busy all day and night Tuesday, dynamiting ice jams against bridges on the Rum River in the Onamia area. A large jam formed on the Rum River bridge four miles south of Onamia and was blasted loose about 5:30 p.m. County crews working late into the night attempted to blast loose a huge ice jam against the bridge known as the Gullickson bridge, seven miles south of Onamia. Washouts are numerous in county and township roads in the Onamia area with some being up to 10 feet wide and six feet deep.
• Locals in the news – Elmer Lamp, Greg Lamp, Viola Lundberg and Freda Block, Minneapolis, visited Ella Lamp at Rush City Hospital Sunday afternoon. She was feeling better, but will have to stay for a while yet.
Myrna Martin was a Wednesday afternoon coffee guest of Mrs. Janie Bliss.
Darrel Larson spent all day Saturday working at the Glen Grady home in Foreston.
• Advertisements – Zing into spring in a new Chevrolet. If you’ve been sitting tight waiting for just your kind of car, with just your kind of power, and just your kind of price – wait no longer! Hornquist Motor Co. Milaca.
The Farm Restaurant at Princeton will open May 1st for the season.
Haeg Woodwork, Cabinets of all types, built to your requirements. Also Formica tops. Foreston, Minn.

75 Years Ago
Thurs, April 18, 1940
• Bear Makes A Real Playmate – Delbert Mikesh, 8 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mikesh, of Onamia, has had cats and dogs for playmates, but he says to give him a cub bear for a real playmate. The bear is 10 weeks old and was found in the woods near Two Harbors this winter by Mr. Mikesh and brought back to Onamia. The cub is fed milk from a baby’s bottle and no one wants to try to take the bottle away from the bear until the milk is all gone or they are in for a rough time. The cub likes to play and is quick as a cat and gives Delbert all he can handle when it comes to roughing it.
• Minnesota Briefs – Canby – “As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.” That’s the way Arden Larson and LeRoy Swinell were for long chilly hours, recently, except it was not a painted ocean but a real body of water. The two men left an oil station fifteen miles north of town in Larson’s car and had gone only about a mile when they came upon water, formed when three creeks overflowed their banks. It flowed over the road for a half-mile. Upon deciding to navigate the water they shifted into low, and went along nicely until they neared the center of the flood; at this point they began to submerge and soon the water was above the running board and the motor which wasn’t designed for submarine duty, quit. So until dawn they sat.
• Farm Topics – Eradicating Fleas – To rid a farm of fleas, give close attention to the two favorite hosts, the dog and the hog. Destroy all old bedding from the quarters of these animals. Turn the hogs out on pasture and spray their pens and shelters with a strong dip of equal parts of kerosene and used crankcase or crude oil. Repeat the spray after a few days. The dogs meanwhile can be treated with a good flea powder.
• Locals in the news – Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Skogen visited Mrs. M. J. Halla in Isle Thursday. Mrs. Halla has sold her resort business but will continue to live in Isle.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Peterson and daughters Harriet and Florence, have moved into the upstairs rooms in the Grover Umbehocker residence.
Mrs. Albin Anderson and Lorraine and Leslie and Betty and Irene Olson attended the concert at the Milaca high school Sunday afternoon of which the girls took part.
• Advertisements – Tractor Farmers Call 170 for some high powered tractor fuel, tractor oils and greases. Special grease gun deal. Mille Lacs Oil Co., Milaca.
Gold Medal Flour. 98 lb. sack $3.50; 49 lb. sack $1.80. Farmers Cooperative Creamery, Inc., Milaca.
Try-out kit, Marvelous face powder and matched makeup powder, rouge and lipstick,$1.05 value for only .55c. Presley Drug Co., Milaca.

100 Years Ago
Thurs, April 15, 1915
• A Soldier’s Ammunition – The United States soldier goes into battle with 100 rounds of ammunition, the German with 120, the French with 120, the British with 100, the Russian with 120, the Italian with 162 and the Japanese with 150. The ammunition carts are, of course, always in the near rear to keep up the supplies. – New York American.
• July Fourth Comes on Sunday – Our young Americans must be happy this year as July Fourth falls on Sunday, which will give them a chance to observe it more than one day. Some will always consider Saturday the day and continue the celebration until Monday, which means a three day jubilee. Officially Independence day will be observed on Monday and this is the day when the larger portion of the people will observe it. Nothing has been heard about a celebration in Milaca this year and it is doubtful whether anything will be done here.
• Humor Of The Hour – Slim chance for her – A missionary who was making his way through a backwoods region came upon an old woman sitting outside a cabin. He entered upon a religious talk and finally asked her if she didn’t know there was a day of judgment coming.. “Why , no.” said the old lady, “I hadn’t heerd o’ that. Won’t there be more’n one day?” “No, my friend; only one day,” was the reply. “Well, then,” she mused. “I don’t recon I can get to go, for we’re only got one mule, and John always has to go everywhere first.” – National Monthly.
• Locals in the news – P. J. Kallgren writes us from Ogilvie asking us to send his paper there. He sold his farm near Foreston and with his family moved to Ogilvie last week, where they will make their home on a farm he has purchased near that village.
Ernie, son of Fred Dahlstrom, was taken to the state school for feeble minded at Faribault Wednesday, and will receive instruction and treatment there.
John Goulet, who has been ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Trumble, was well enough to go to Foreston this week. He is almost 81 years of age and not in the best of health.
• Advertisements – What kind of a meal would twelve ears of sweet corn make? Corn meal, of course. There may be greater hardships than to be obliged to go without good wholesome meat for even one meal, but we can’t think of any just off hand. Don’t do it, it isn’t necessary, we sell the best of meat. Milaca Meat Market. Wm. Peterson, Prop.
For paper hanging and other fixing up work, see Chas. A. Woodward. Some nice paper always on hand.
The Milaca Feed Mil is open every day for feed grinding, full line of flour and feed also on hand.