Times Past

25 Years Ago
Thursday, May 9, 1990
• Candidate Forum Draws Small Crowd – About 20 people turned out Thursday night for the Milaca Board of Education candidate forum held at the high school and sponsored by the Save Our Schools (SOS) Committee. Candidates were introduced by Skip Peterson and Dave Jamison, who acted as moderators and asked the questions. All five candidates attended the forum: incumbent Joe Anderson, Ben Gorecki, Larry Janski, Dennis Nelson and Marbry Bernard.
• Forest Hill Cemetery Association In 90th Year Of Serving Community – For the past 90 years residents of the Milaca area have been fortunate to have available the beautiful Forest Hill Cemetery as a final resting place for their loved ones. Since 1900 Forest Hill Cemetery Association has provided burial space on this wooded hillside area beside the Rum River in Milaca. Because of the cemetery’s board of directors’ continued efforts of maintenance and improvement this cemetery is now recognized as one of the most beautiful in Minnesota.
• Opener Is Much More Than An Ordinary Day – Opening Day of the 1990 Minnesota fishing season is fast upon us. Come 12:01 a.m. Saturday, about half a million anglers will have reason to smile as they begin to ply the waters of their favorite fishing spots. Opening Day. It’s more than just another day. Much more. It’s friends renewing friendships, families having fun. It’s sun on your face and wind in your hair. It’s the thrill you feel with each tug on your line. Side effects of this first day of the fishing season are “boat butt” and a side ache from laughing too much, but who cares? It’s Opening Day.
• Locals in the news – MM Don Sanderson, Mrs. Boyd Hedin, Mrs. Bob Hoffman, Mrs. Harold Gilder and Mrs. Beth Bork took potluck dinner and spent the afternoon with Ruth Young on Wednesday.
MM Ron Woods and family of Cold spring were Sunday dinner guests of MM William O’Neil, MM Tony Krystosek and family of Royalton enjoyed the afternoon and supper with them.
Visitors in the Stuart Packard Sr. home have been Mary Evensen, Aaron, Cheryl, Michael and Brennan, Harold McCaw, Neil Eggen, Stuart Packard, Jr., Mark and Jon Packard and Vern Eggen.
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Relax Mom, give a gift certificate from the Milaca Massage Clinic. Massage, acupuncture, weight loss, stress relief. Milaca.
Small Business Week May 6-11. We extend a sincere Thank You to the small businesses in the Greater Milaca Area for all they do to make this a great place to live! City of Milaca and The Milaca Economic Development Commission.

50 Years Ago
Thursday, May 6, 1965
• Adrian Kurre Is Injured Playing Baseball Friday – Adrian Kurre, 9 years old, was playing baseball in back of the new elementary school Friday evening about 4 p.m. when he was struck on the head by a baseball. He was taken to the Henry Clinic and then rushed to the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis. He underwent surgery for a fractured skull and the operation was a complete success and the boy is on the road to recovery. Adrian is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kurre, of Milaca.
• Mail Box Destroyed By Fire Monday – Vandals evidently set fire to the mailbox at the Bob Kallem farm, 2 1/2 miles west of Foreston, sometime Sunday evening. When Mrs. Kallem went out to mail some letters Monday morning she found the wooden post holding the mail box burned to the ground, and it appeared that some flammable material such as paper had been stuffed in the metal box and ignited and it warped the mail box. It looked as if the vandals had poured oil or gasoline on the wooden post and then set fire to it.
• Ice Starts To Move At Mille Lacs Monday – Strong winds the last part of last week started the ice to move at Mille Lacs Lake and several docks in the Garrison area were taken out by the ice on Monday. Ice 2 1/2 to 3 feet thick has now become honeycombed and with some warm weather or a good rain, the ice is not expected to cause too much damage this spring.
• Locals in the news – Charles Wade, Terry, Roger and Debra, spent Sunday afternoon at the Martin Burton home near Rice.
Donald Trenham and Miss Terese Viaene of Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Talberg visited Mrs. Rose Trenham and family Sunday afternoon. Wm. Yerken of Granite Ledge visited there Sunday evening.
A week ago Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Roy Larsen, Rodney and Cherri, were callers at the Harold Gardner home.
• Advertisements – “Take a peek at our new paneled family room.” Over 18 feet long and more than six feet wide-the neighbors are simply green. And the way it’s furnished – wall-to-wall carpeting, saddle-grain vinyl on the seats. The paneling? Dreamy! Rich, deep, laminated walnut grain. Who’s the builder? Dodge, of course.” Improve the looks of your home with this beautiful addition – the Dodge Custom 880 Wagon. North Star Garage, Milaca.
Ralph A. Helmen, United Farm Agency, My father is still in the hospital. I am now licensed and will be handling his real estate business until his return. To Buy or Sell – See United. Milaca.
Car Wash at Elementary School. Saturday, May 8, starting at 9 a.m., sponsored by the MHS Band. Proceeds to go toward new Indian Uniforms.

75 Years Ago
Thursday, May 9, 1940
• Wild Good Stops At Mathis Farm – A wild gray goose evidently became lost from its flock last Thursday morning near Milaca so it landed at the farm of Mrs. Sam Mathis, north west of Milaca and has decided to make its home there. The wild goose was very shy at first and would not allow anyone to come near it, but after being in the barn yard with two tame geese for several days, it now is nearly as tame as the other geese. The wild goose is smaller than the tame species, but it has an unusually wide wing spread.
• Quadruplets Born At Reid Alter Farm – A record was established three weeks ago at the Reid Alter farm, 12 miles north of Milaca, when a milk goat had four kid goats and in addition to this the goat is taking care of an orphan ewe. The goats belong to Reid Alter, Junior, 10 years old. He plans to keep the two gray kids and make a team of them and teach them to pull a wagon. The goat had triplets last year and even this number is uncommon among goats as two is considered the average number for one goat.
• Land Clearing Plans Being Made In County By County Agent – Expect that about 1,000 acres will be cleared for use as hay land and pasture in County. Farmers of Mille Lacs County will have the benefit of land clearing operations this year, according to Walter F. Boeck, County Agent, who has held several meetings with farmers in Onamia and Isle the past two weeks. Two bulldozer machines will be in operation, one by Gust Haglund and the other by Elmer Anderson, both of Isle, and these two machines will go from farm to farm to avoid loss of time and unnecessary retracing of steps.
• Locals in the news – Mary Loutsch is spending a few days with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moritz, in Chase Brook.
Mr. and Mrs. Claus Grant were among those who helped Clarence Grant of Whitney Brook, celebrate his birthday anniversary Saturday evening.
Guy Patten accompanied Richard McKenney, Al Harrington and Percy Travis to Hinckley on Sunday, where they spent the day trout fishing.
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Grand Opening of Hillcrest Resort, Ann Lake. Under New Management. Free beer from 8:30 to 9:00 and 10:00 to 10:30. Music by Happy Hollow Gang in the afternoon and evening. Sunday, May 12th Free dancing in the afternoon. Evening adm.: Men, 35c; Ladies 15c.

100 Years Ago
Thursday, May 6, 1915
• Corn Contest For Boys – The associated school board of district No. 13 have appropriated $50 for prizes in a corn contest by boys between ten and eighteen years of age. The contestant must proceed according to the rules laid down for the contest, which provides that one acre shall be taken as the basis. Mr. Watson, agricultural instructor at the Milaca school, has an article in this issue which explains the contest fully.
• Local News – J. F. Lindquist had a narrow escape from serious injury last Tuesday while blasting stumps with dynamite on the F. W. Clark property. It seems that the charge did not ignite in a reasonable time so Lindquist was in the act of kindling the fuse for the second time when the first charge consisting of three sticks of dynamite was discharged. Outside of a slight injury to one eye and discoloring the cuticle of the face some what, luckily no serious injury was sustained. – Onamia Breeze.
• For The Wedding Cake – There seems to be scarcely anything that cannot be bought in the shops in these days. Even the little symbols to be baked in the wedding cake are made in solid gold and sold in little white leather cases. There is the ring to signify a speedy marriage, the wish-love for luck, the traditional spinster’s thimble or the bachelors’ button, each little trinket having a link attachment so that it can be worn as a charm afterward.
• Locals in the news – Our local banker, Dan Fouquette, is spinning around in his new auto now days. He also has his misfortunes – just ask him how he enjoys sleeping in a mudhole.
A young lady arrived at the G. A. Monson home at Bock Sunday via the stork route. All parties doing well.
C. E. Erickson is wearing his arm in a sling as a result of the back-kick of an automobile which he was cranking Monday, whereby he sustained a broken bone.
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