Times Past

25 Years Ago
Thursday, May 23, 1990
• Harmony Park Will Be Renamed To Honor Former Mayor Trimble – The Milaca City Council approved the renaming of Harmony Park to Trimble Park Thursday night in memory of former mayor Ken Trimble, who died March 18. Friday morning, Trimble’s widow Marilyn passed away. Milaca Mayor Rick Olson was a friend of the family. “We’re really pleased we are able to name the park after Kenny and Marilyn – the Trimble family, actually – in recognition for all they’ve done for the community,” said Olson.
• Plea Bargain Reached In Death Of Milaca Man – Twenty-year-old Dean Wayne Weaver, rural Milaca, pled guilty in a plea bargain in Mille Lacs County May 10 to criminal vehicular operation resulting in death, regarding the case of Robert Kunst Jr., 31, of Milaca, who was found frozen to death north of Milaca the morning of Dec. 23. The agreement is for a one-year jail term with conditions. Weaver was indicted Jan. 17 for second-degree manslaughter in the case after a grand jury studied evidence of Weaver driving the car that took Kunst to the area where Kunst was found dead. The body was found between hay bales 30 feet off Milaca Township Road 126, three miles north of Milaca. The indictment said Kunst was left on the township road in an intoxicated state without sufficient clothing in the sub-freezing temperatures and had no means to get home. It said also that Weaver returned home and fell asleep and didn’t notify anyone about leaving Kunst in the countryside.
• Biggest Sucker I ever Caught – It was a pleasantly warm summer afternoon when my father and I decided to go fishing in the mighty Rum. I took a new Rapala and threw it down stream several times, but no luck. There was a fork in the river and I wanted to fish there, but it was just out of my reach. So I brought my rod back and tried to throw the lure as far as I possibly could, but something made my pole jerk backwards. I looked back and saw the ugliest, meanest, biggest creature looking at me. His eyes started to glaze over and when I looked at it I saw why. There, implanted in his back, was my Rapala. I rushed to him and tried to get it out, but the sharp barbs were lodged deeply in his flesh. Luckily, there were some people standing near us. I had one of them come over to see if he could do anything for this poor creature. The man just happened to be Dr. Doty of Milaca, and with one mighty yank he ripped the barb from the flesh of the poor animal. I looked up at the poor creature and said, “Oops, sorry, Dad.” I believe in catch and release.
• Locals in the news – MM Don Sanderson and Mrs. Boyd Hedin visited Edith Peterson in East Hayland on Monday.
The following visited Mrs. Rose Trenham in the Foley Nursing Center Friday afternoon, Margaret Kelley, Mabel Lindquist, Dorothy Harris and Mary Talberg.
MM George Erickson and Mrs. Neil Steadman motored to Brainerd on Saturday where they visited with Neil in the hospital where he is a patient with a broken leg. We wish him a speedy recovery.
• Advertisements – At least your old mower can cut something…the cost of a new Snapper. Trade and Save. Retail price $3,650, minus your trade in $500 = Your cost $3,150. Timmer Implement, Pease, Minn.
Friday, May 25 – 16 oz. T-Bone, baked potato, salad & roll. $8.95. Jim’s Bar and Grill, Milaca.
Would you like a photo of your graduate getting his or her diploma June 1? Only $6. Please contact Lori Kuether at Rum River Studio, Milaca.

50 Years Ago
Thursday, May 20, 1965
• Commencement Exercises To Be Held Thursday Evening, June 3 – Commencement exercises for the senior class of the Milaca high school will be held on Thursday evening, June 3, 1965, at 8 o’clock p.m. The speaker for the evening will be Dr. A. M. Rogness, president of Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.
• Buy Shampoo Support MHS Vocal Groups – Have you purchased your tube of Watkins Gel shampoo? If not, do so when the vocal members stop by at your house. The price is just right at $1.25. The proceeds will be used to finance their special music activities. Throughout the year they perform on many occasions including their beautiful Christmas concert which everyone enjoys. You can support them now by your purchase.
• False Fire Alarm Sounds Monday Night – No damage was done at a fire which was discovered in a manhole behind the Myren Swenson residence at 335 SE 5th Ave., Monday evening. The fire was spotted at 10:10 p.m. and at first thought to be a break in the natural gas line. The Milaca Fire Department was called, but it was just a false alarm as it turned out. Someone had removed the grate in the manhole, dumped some rubbish in and set it afire. Fire Chief Keith Trimble wishes to again warn area residents that it is unlawful to follow the fire truck within 500 feet. When the fire whistle blew Monday evening, a procession of cars followed the truck to the scene. Trimble states in the future, village police will be instructed by the Fire Chief to issue tickets to all offenders.
• Locals in the news – Wednesday afternoon visitors at the Clinton Swanson home were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Samuelson of Annandale, The Samuelsons had just returned from spending the winter months in Florida. Also present were Mrs. Waldon Johnson of Isle and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Swanson of Foreston.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scherer of Glendorado spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Art Ecklund.
Donny Kuntz spent Saturday afternoon with Donn Eggen. Alyce Swanson visited Joanne Eggen that afternoon.
• Advertisements – MOVED Andersen Company has merged with Jenson Company to form the Jenson-Andersen Company. We have moved our entire operation from the location from the building at 120 Central Ave. North, across from the Dairy Queen, back to the original building next to the Milaca Laundry. We install plumbing and heating and sell name brands of appliances, TV and radios. Jenson-Andersen Co., Milaca.
Horse and pony sale, Sunday, May 23, 1 p.m. S & M Livestock Barn, Cambridge, Minn.
We have moved, Whitcomb Home Floral Nursery and Greenhouse is located on Hwy. 169, one mile north of Princeton. We offer a complete line of nursery stock, bedding plants, and plants for Memorial Day. Open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. through Memorial Day.

75 Years Ago
Thursday, May 23, 1940
• Take Fishing Honors – Ladies outshine men in fishing ability as season opens at Mille Lacs. This is one week that the men who claim to be real fishermen, were not telling fish stories around Milaca, as the ladies forced them to take a back seat when the fishing season opened at Mille Lacs lake. Mrs. Clarence Fix and Mrs. Charles Reineke, of Milaca, each caught large Great Northern Pike, the largest to be reported so far this season. Mr. and Mrs. Fix and Mr. and Mrs. Don Chalmers spent Sunday fishing at Wahkon Bay and they caught 20 pike and Great Northerns during the day and Mrs. Fix caught the largest Great Northern weighing 14 1/2 pounds. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reineke and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Larson spent Thursday evening at Heskets resort near Wahkon and they caught 6 pike and Mrs. Reineke caught the largest Great Northern weighing 10 1/2 pounds.
• Stone Axes Found – Herman Dusha, a farmer of Benton county residing near Foley, found two stones of unusual interest while plowing a field on his farm last week. They were stone axes, or tomahawks formed with a groove around the middle, showing how some ancient wielders of the weapons in Minnesota had lashed a handle to the weapons. One of the stone axes is larger than the other.
• Damage Case Was Settled Last Week – The first jury case in district court Tuesday resulted in the settlement of a $9,800 damage action against J. W. Swanson brought by Ruth Zuidema for her brother, Frank Parmer, of Milaca. The case came to a close at the conclusion of testimony given by Orvis Ogg, a companion of Parmer, when the latter was fatally injured in a car-snowplow collision a short distance south of the city January 13. The stipulated settlement was $450 for the plaintiff. – Little Falls Herald.
• Locals in the news – Mrs. Vernon Webb attended a party at the home of Mrs. Walter Bukosky on Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Max Klein and Mrs. Holgar Renstrom and Velma June visited at the Joshua Hunt home in Milaca on Friday.
All the old neighbors here of Mrs. Ole Osborne in Milaca, went down there Sunday to help her celebrate her birthday. All report a very good time and a fine lunch. All joined in wishing the aged lady many more years of happiness.
• Advertisements – Insurance: Life, Hospitalization, Automobile, Health & Accident. Harold Solberg, Milaca.
Bottle gas rate now cut! Because of tremendous use of bottle gas in this territory the four firms handling it have reduced the price per tank to only $8.00. Below are the firms cooperating to bring you this new low price. Martin Olsen & Son, Farmers Hardware Co., Coast-to-Coast Store, and Peterson Hardware.
Dance to the music of Long John’s Swing Band at Ryan’s Rustic Inn., Saturday, May 25th.

100 Years Ago
Thursday, May 20, 1915
• Local Baseball Team Refuses To Play Ghosts At Last Moment. – It is said that “the handwriting on the wall” so vividly portrayed the “dope” on the game advertised for last Monday that Manager H. H. Bane of the Milaca baseball club reconsidered and called the game off. It might be stated that the Ghosts are mostly married men, so-styled perhaps because of being considered merely shadows of their former selves. But after the Ghosts had spent time, energy and capital in preparing for the contest, the unexpected turn of events came as a great disappointment. The local fans would have been in attendance en masse to witness the slaughter but Manager Bane’s timely action saved the honor of his men. Among the Ghost players were men who were showing unexpected form and speed that defeat for the first team seamed inevitable. The regulars are to be congratulated on having at the head of their organization a man of such diplomatic ability.
• Open Antitoxin Station In Milaca – Stations where antitoxin is to be distributed free will be opened in 122 cities and villages in Minnesota by the state board of health August 1, when an appropriation of $5,000 becomes available. Milaca has been designated by the board as the place in Mille Lacs county. The station will issue the antitoxin upon the requisition of any physician that certain diphtheria patients or persons exposed are entitled to receive it. There will be one station in each county and in some there will be two or more. Besides Milaca we note the following nearby cities are among those designated: Center City, Mora, Cambridge, Pine City and Sandstone.
• Dairy and Creamery – Comfort for Cows – Cows that are given the most comfort with feed and shelter are the ones that produce the greatest profit. The cow naturally likes to lie down for rest while she is chewing her cud. She will lie down in her stall, whether it is clean and comfortable or not. Plenty of good bedding will make it comfortable and help to keep it clean. Arrange now to have enough good bedding for the cows to last all winter. It is not only good for the cows, but it absorbs rich liquids and is one of the greatest means of making the farm fertile and highly productive.
• Locals in the news – Those who felt so proud of their early gardens having reason for feeling quite the contrary since the frosts of Sunday and Monday nights. No thanks are forthcoming to Jack Frost for his untimely visit.
F. A. Cutler, well known through his mortgage and loan business in this section of the state, died at his home at Minneapolis on Tuesday of last week, from paralysis.
Mrs. Hans Dahl and Miss Alice Johnson spent Wednesday at St. Cloud.
• Advertisements – We sell McMillan’s bacon, lard, and summer sausage because it is better. Frank Grausnick.
The Milaca Feed Mill is open every day for feed grinding, full line of flour and feed also on hand.
Ladies, misses and children’s white canvas shoes, oxfords and pumps for sale at Olson’s. These are comfortable, sensible and cheap. We carry a complete line.