Times Past

25 Years Ago
Thursday, June 6, 1990
• In Pursuit Of The Gorbachevs – Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife, Raisa, walked arm-in-arm along Summit Avenue in St. Paul Sunday on their way to the governor’s mansion. The Gorbachevs had hopped out of their limousine more than a block from the mansion to shake hands, smile and wave to people gathered along the street.

50 Years Ago
Thursday, June 3, 1965
• County Dairy Days June 10 Open House At Milaca Farmers Co-op Creamery and Land O’Lakes Plant – The annual Mille Lacs County Dairy Days and Queen Contest will be held next Thursday, June 10, in Milaca. Along with the Dairy Days, the Milaca Farmers Co-op Creamery and Land O’ Lakes Milk Drying Plant will hold joint open houses on the afternoon of June 10, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
• Wins $56,000 In Irish Sweepstakes – Almon Kirk, of Seattle, Wash., a former resident of rural Foreston, bought a $6.00 Irish Sweepstakes ticket and won $56,000. He is unmarried and is employed by Boeing Aircraft Company in Seattle, Wash. He is the son of Job Kirk and a brother of Clarence Kirk, who lives north of Milaca, on Hwy. 169.
• MHS Class of 1950 Reunion Is June 19 – The Class of 1950 of Milaca high school will hold their 15 year reunion on Saturday, June 19, in Milaca. Golf is planned for the afternoon for those interested and a banquet will be held at the Nordic Towne House at 7:30 p.m. A dance at the Milaca Golf club will follow the banquet.

75 Years Ago
Thursday, June 6, 1940
• Two Killed At Soo Crossing In Onamia Tuesday Afternoon – Two lives were lost in a terrible railroad crossing accident at Onamia last Tuesday morning when an automobile was struck by the mixed freight and passenger train on the Soo line near the depot where the railroad crosses Trunk Highway No. 169. The dead are Carl Gustaf Schallberg, 55, of Red Top, and Phyllis Mae Erickson, 10 of Elk River. Albert Lee Erickson, 11, brother of Phyllis, was only slightly injured. The accident occurred at about noon when Mr. Schallberg with his granddaughter, Phyllis Erickson, and grandson, Albert Lee Erickson, reached the railroad crossing at Onamia while on their way from Elk River to Redtop, where the young people were going to visit for the summer months at the Schallberg farm. The three were sitting in the front seat of the car, and the Soo train that could be seen approaching from the west at about twenty miles an hour, slowing down to stop at the depot. According to Albert, who survived the crash, Mr. Schallberg apparently heard the whistle of the train and attempted to apply the brakes on the car when about 80 to 100 feet from the crossing. Albert cautioned his grandfather concerning the oncoming train, but evidently the brakes of the car were not effective, and in spite of the efforts of Mr. Schallberg to stop it the car rolled directly on to the railroad track and stopped. He shouted to the children to jump, and Albert succeeded in getting out of the door and jumping to the ground just as the front of the oncoming engine struck the car squarely on the side.
• Marudas Bros. Buy Business Block In Milaca This Week – Nick and Pete Marudas, who have operated the Chevrolet automobile agency and garage here in the large building formerly occupied by the Hagman Hardware Company, closed a deal this week for the purchase of the building from Mrs. S. S. Petterson, of Princeton. They are planning on making several improvements in the building in the near future.

100 Years Ago
Thursday, June 3, 1915
• Arresting A City – Berwick-on-Tweed has more than once been “arrested” by contending nations, since, being independent of both England and Scotland, by legal fiction or reality, it has happened to offend one or the other of them in a crisis. By the way, it may not be widely known that Berwick-on-Tweed is still at war with Russia, for the town was specially mentioned as a separate belligerent in the ultimatum delivered to Russia ere the Crimean struggle began. But when the peace was signed afterward the name of Berwick was omitted as a party to this. So technically Berwick still continues to be at war with the czar. – London Answers.
• Height of Generosity – A Louisville man went into a restaurant in a nearby town recently. He was dressed in his best clothes, and his mortification almost overcame him when the waiter, in passing, spilled a bowl of gravy upon his trousers. “Look, darn you, look!” he ejaculated. “You’ve spilled the gravy on me.” The waiter winked and whispered: “That’s all right, sir. Don’t say anything about it and I’ll bring you another bowl of gravy without charge.” – Louisville Times.