Times Past

121 Years Ago
May, 1894
• The rear of Robert Burch’s drive passed through here Monday evening, and we have seen the last of the river drivers unless Butch should decide to bring down the lake drive.
• Old river men claim that the logs are farther down the river now than they have ever been before at this time of year. The driving stage has been just about right, and Robert Butch is correspondingly happy.
• There will be ten cent entertainment at the M.E. Church Friday evening, proceeds for the purpose of purchasing hymn books for the Sunday School. We all like to hear the children sing. Let us turn out to assist them to secure books to sing from.
• The Bradbury Brook Dam was washed out last Tuesday.
• Milaca is once more fully supplied with hotels. Park Hotel and the Central House are fully equal to the accommodation of all comers.

100 Years Ago
January, 1915
• Miss Venus Rieslund is assisting in the post office for a few days in the absence of Postmaster Cravens.
• About 100 cars of cattle were shipped from Milaca last year bringing in approximately $125,000. This is growing by leaps and bounds each year.
• Two new members have been appointed to the Water and Light Commission of the Village of Milaca by the council. They are C.H. Hammarberg, to fill out the term of W.B. Hagman who resigned, and Knute Ellingboe to succeed J.A. Allen, whose term expired.

February, 1915
• Travelers in and out of Milaca who pass through more than one state will have much to trouble them after March 1, for the new passenger rates that put interstate fares on a 2-3/8 cents a mile basis will bring many complications. It will cost $1.27 less to go to East Grand Forks, Minn., than to Grand Forks, N.D., just across the river over which there is a good foot bridge. It will cost $3.86 to get to Moorhead from Milaca, but it will take $4.85 to buy a ticket to Fargo, N.D., just across the Red River.

86 Years Ago
September, 1929
• The closing games of the Mille Lacs County Golf Club’s tournament at Foreston ended last Sunday, and the final windup found a Milaca citizen had captured the Community Cup prize. Dr. R.C. Norcross took the prize with a score of 95 in eighteen holes. He was closely contested by C.E. Gilbert of Foreston and C.C. Mitchell of Princeton, who made a tie score of 98 each. Gordon Allen came in fourth with a score of 102. The golf course has been fixed and put in fine shape, and is one of the best courses in this part of the state. Much credit is due Mr. J.A. Lynch who planned the course and has been the prime mover in getting it completed. The golf bug has infected a lot of people in the county since he prepared the course and many are spending their spare time at the game.
• The school board of Milaca District No. 13 has purchased a new bus for Route No. 1, running north on Highway 18 to convey the pupils to school during the coming year, in place of the old one. The bus has a new Ford Chassis and a special body arranged to accommodate forty students and will be driven my Ugo Medici. A new Chevrolet chassis has been bought for the bus for Route No. 2 into the Hayland territory, the old bus body being repainted and used on it. It will convey eighteen children. Both busses are neatly painted and make a very good appearance.