McMahon takes helm of Federated Co-ops

Mike McMahon
Mike McMahon

Former Schwan’s Home Services executive Mike McMahon has been named CEO of Federated Co-ops, a major supplier of energy, propane, agronomy, and consumer products to patrons, residents, and cabin owners in East Central Minnesota and West Central Wisconsin.
Federated Co-ops is East Central Minnesota’s leading Ag service company, proudly servicing local growers for over 50 years. With revenues exceeding $100 million, Federated Co-ops is also ranked among the Top 20 propane retailers in the U.S. and has grown their commodity-driven propane delivery business from 12 to 28 million gallons in 12 years. In addition to heating their homes, year-round residents and seasonal cabin owners take advantage of purchasing lawn mowers, ATV’s, snowmobiles, trailers, pet supplies and more through the cooperative and members benefit from it.
While at Schwan’s, he managed $1B in revenue & services to over 1.8 million customers in 48 states. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue to improve upon the way Federated Co-ops supplies energy, find the efficiencies in the system, and drive growth,” says McMahon. “I want to help customers get greater yield at a reasonable price across all of our service areas – agronomy, propane, petroleum, C-Stores, Country Stores, and Animal Feeds.”
McMahon is taking the reins from retiring General Manager Tim Kavanaugh, who has served Federated for 33 years. “It has been my honor to serve members and solve problems at a local level with people who live and work in our communities,” said Kavanaugh. “When the increase in propane prices impacted industry supply, we made the decision to drive to Texas to get it. We literally paid the price to serve our customers and it was a 5-day turnaround to transport it. I believe there is no better industry, nor a more dedicated group of people than those who work within the cooperative system.”
According to Federated Co-ops Board President Craig Mold, “Mike McMahon is known for servicing customers and vendors with excellence and integrity as he drives company growth and expansion. He will lead our organization into the future with a commitment to providing good products and services, while uncovering new opportunities.”