Crime Briefs

Below are summaries of criminal complaints filed in Mille Lacs County Court. They were compiled by Jeffrey Hage.

Fleeing suspects reaches 103 mph
An allegedly intoxicated male fled from a county deputy at speeds reaching 103 mph July 2 on a road southeast of Milaca.
Jacob T. Olson, 33, of Milaca, was on 70th Avenue when he was observed spinning in the middle of the road by accelerating with the wheels of his vehicle turned.
The rear of the vehicle whipped around and then the vehicle sped south, according to a criminal complaint. The deputy followed in pursuit, and Olson’s vehicle pulled over to the side. Olson was removed from the vehicle at gunpoint. At the jail Olson consented to a breath test, which revealed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.14.
Olson has been charged with fleeing an officer and fourth-degree DWI.

Trying to make it home
A Princeton officer was in pursuit of a man, activating lights, sirens and even an air horn, on July 8 before the driver pulled into a driveway at 406 Third Ave. S. in Princeton.
When the officer asked 21-year-old Nathan R. Lundberg why he didn’t stop, Lundberg allegedly replied that he was trying to make it home.
Lundberg was charged with fleeing an officer and operating a vehicle without proof of insurance.

Stolen gas can results in theft, drug charges
An woman was caught with more than a stolen gas can after running out of gas on 100th Avenue in rural Onamia.
Desarai Larson, 34, of Onamia, was observed by a homeowner exiting his garage and carrying a gas can. On his way to the call, a county deputy observed a vehicle parked near the driveway of the residence. He also observed two people – Desarai Larson and a male – walking on the street. The male was carrying a gas can.
The male said he had run out of gas. Larson allegedly told the officer she was looking for help and asking people if they had any gas. However, witnesses said she stole the gas can.
Larson was arrested for theft. Later, a search of her purse allegedly turned up four marijuana pipes, two meth pipes, two glass tubes, a straw, a container with marijuana, and a container with a pill. The straw contained a substance that field-tested positive for meth, a criminal complaint states.
Larson was charged in District Court with fourth-degree burglary and fifth-degree drug possession. Court records show that Larson had two prior convictions for possessing controlled substances.

Woman smashes items with golf club
A Minneapolis woman was charged with burglary, stalking, property damage and domestic assault charges after a June 20 incident on Keystone Road in rural Milaca.
Hollena R. Tindall, 39, went to the rural Milaca residence where she allegedly brandished a golf club and smashed and forced her way into an outbuilding in an attempt to locate a person with whom she had a child with.
She allegedly smashed several items in the outbuilding and damaged a vehicle outside the building. She allegedly followed that up by forcing entry into a porch, and then into the residence. A deputy responding to the incident observed an SUV with a shattered window, a dented door of the outbuilding and a broken door handle. Broken items were observed inside the outbuilding and a broken golf club was recovered.
While inside the residence, Tindall alleged took a can of insect repellent and covered the dishes in the kitchen with the chemical. She is also accused of throwing objects at the resident of the home, including blocks of wood.
She then left in her vehicle, spinning her tires before leaving the property.
About three hours later, Tindall allegedly returned to the residence. She was seen in the entryway of the residence before a witness saw her running away.
Law enforcement arrived on scene and found Tindall in a nearby wooded area. According to a criminal complaint, Tindall admitted to causing damage to the outbuilding and items inside, entering the residence, breaking the golf club, and using a rock to break a lock on the outbuilding.