Hoffman Miller ready for next chapter in business

The owner of a longtime Milaca retail store is reinventing her business.
Becky Hoffman Miller is closing her Bloom Thyme retail floral shop, an adjoining retail store and expresso bar to concentrate on different passions in her life.
Her shop, located at 1002 5th St, SE in the Maple Ridge Mall at the Milaca Junction, will continue as a rentable meeting space and will continue to house her commercial floral design business.
It’s a change Hoffman Miller says has been coming for a few years.
“I’ve done this for 25 years, and I don’t like change, but since last winter I’ve been feeling that I’m ready,” she said.
Hoffman Miller has a passion for designing floral arrangements.
“It’s my happy place,” she said.
And she’s going to continue to be happy.
“I’m going to focus on weddings and events,” Hoffman Miller said.
She’s also going to focus on the other true passion in her life – essential oils.
Hoffman Miller is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and has a large network of distributors who work under her. She wants to devote more time to her team and broadening her scope of services to her Young Living customers, including classes and training sessions that will be held in the new event space called “Thyme Square” that her retail store will be transitioning into.
Essential oils, through a business named Just B Essential, will be available at the location, too.
Yoga classes are already on the horizon for the space. Hoffman Miller also sees it as being perfect for events like bridal and baby showers because people will be able to use the full kitchen at the location.
When all is said and done, Hoffman Miller justs wants people to know she is not gone.
“I’m attached to this community and for 25 years I’ve been there for them,” she said.
And as customers, the community has been there for Hoffman Miller.