Looking forward to the future takes faith

Congratulations and kudos to the Milaca Community; the Milaca Band Shell Committee; and the Rum River Community Foundation! I think if the band shell could talk, it would point out that the vintage cars that were there for the day, were not ”new” to the band shell. The eventful day of celebration brought to culmination an effort that sometimes seemed out of reach. But, all those good people involved never gave up, never looked back.
During the Babylonian captivity, the Israelite exiles prayed, “Justice is with the Lord, our God; and we today are flushed with shame…we have sinned in the Lord’s sight and disobeyed him” (Bar. 1:15-22). “We did not heed the voice of the Lord…but each of us went off after the devices of his own heart…serving other gods.”
The psalmist sang, “For the glory of your name O Lord, deliver us. Remember not against us the iniquities of the past…Help us, O God our Savior, because of the glory of your name; deliver us and pardon our sins” (Ps. 79:1b-2, 3-5, 8-9).
Jesus said to those following him, “Woe to you…for if the mighty deeds done in your midst had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would long ago have repented.” As for you, “Will you be exulted in heaven?” “Whoever listens to my words…listens to my Father, and whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me” (Luke 10:13-16). I say to you forget the past, look to the future; confirm today your forward actions in faith.
Living forward is the challenge of the human condition. One tends to look to the past, confirm the past, and regret or rejoice in the past. This activity of the mind and heart consumes the spiritual energy so that one does not look to the future, nor confirm the path to the future, nor rejoice in what is becoming! Leave the past to the past whether it was confirming or confusing and look to the future and the forward activity of today.
The restoration of the Band Shell is a fine example of looking forward to the future. Of having faith! Of course before the restoration of the Band Shell, people remembered the good times from the past, and they realized the importance that the Band Shell played in building the Milaca Community. Milaca is a community of good people coming together to celebrate an important accomplishment. Congratulations!

Deacon Gene Kramer
St. Louis and St. Mary’s churches