Election 2016: US Congress: Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan
Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan
Top priority: If elected, what is your top priority for the 2017 Congress? Why are you running for office?
It has been an honor to serve as the Congressman for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District over the last 4 years, where I have effectively fought to protect and expand the middle class. There is more work to do, as too many Americans still feel as though the system is rigged against them, and sadly they are often right. My ongoing mission has been to fix this system and make government work for families and not Wall Street millionaires and billionaires.
I ask that voters send me back to Washington to continue this fight against the rigged system, and to protect pensions and programs like Social Security and Medicare, to secure living wages, to improve programs assisting our veterans, and to get more of the products we use every day made right here in America by strengthening our mining, forestry, energy, manufacturing and tourism industries.

Health care: Health care costs have increased under the Affordable Care Act, and it remains unpopular with many Americans. Would you vote to abolish the Act? Barring that, are there specific reforms you would support?
I strongly believe that the federal government should do more to ensure that every American has health coverage for themselves and their families and would not vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We need to come together and fix and improve the ACA, and stop adding to the tally of over 60 purely partisan and failed attempts to repeal or weaken the law. I have called on the Republicans to stop wasting time and begin working with us to find common sense solutions to ensure that every American has good health care coverage they can afford.
It should be a thing of the past that someone should face bankruptcy to pay a medical bill, or be forced to choose between medical treatment and the basic necessities of life, which is why I support a universal, single-payer system that covers everyone, reins in administrative costs, negotiates fairer prices for the American people and provides better results. This approach has proved successful for many democratic nations and that’s what I intend to keep fighting for.
Meanwhile, I will keep fighting against dangerous Republican policies that would return us to an era where 46 million uninsured people were using Emergency Rooms for care, and a time when people who needed care were denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. The same era where women were charged more than men for the same treatment. That’s no solution, and I am committed to making sure that all Americans have access to affordable health care.