Elections set for Nov. 8

Here’s a guide to who’s running, where to vote

PRINCETON – Finally Election Day is near and every voter’s time in the voting booth will come. From the United States president and congressman to local township and school boards, voters will decide who they want representing them in a number of areas within the Union-Times’ coverage area.
To help voters, here is a guide of who’s running for what, where people go to make their choices and what they’ll see on the ballot.

Constitutional Amendment
Voters will give a yes or no answer on a question about whether Minnesota’s constitution should be amended. The question will read: Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to remove state lawmakers’ power to set their own salaries, and instead establish an independent, citizens-only council to prescribe salaries of lawmakers?
Presidential and vice presidential race with party affiliation:
•Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine – Democrat
•Donald Trump and Michael Pence – Republican
•Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley – Constitution
•Dan Vacek and Mark Elworth, Jr. – Legalize Marijuana Now
•Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart – Socialist Workers
•Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins – Green Party
•“Rocky” de la Fuente and Michael Steinberg – American Delta
•Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson – Independence
•Gary Johnson and William Weld – Libertarian
U.S. Congress
•District 6 House of Representatives: Tom Emmer (R), incumbent; and David Snyder (D)
•District 8 House of Representatives: Rick Nolan (D), incumbent; and Stewart Mills (R)
Minnesota Senate
*no incumbent – seat vacated by Sen. Dave Brown
•District 15: Chilah Brown (D) and Andrew Mathews (R)
Minnesota House of Representatives
•District 15A: Sondra Erickson (R), incumbent; and Kent Lestrud (D)
Sherburne County Commissioners (in Union-Times coverage area)
•District 3: John Riebel, incumbent, unchallenged; cities of Becker and Elk River, townships of Blue Hill and Orrock
•District 5: Brian Lawrence and Lisa Fobbe; Rachel Leonard vacating seat, so no incumbent; City of Zimmerman, townships of Baldwin and Livonia
Mille Lacs County Commissioners
•District 1: Genny Reynolds, incumbent, unchallenged, city of Princeton
•District 3: Phil Peterson, incumbent, cities of Milaca and Foreston and Milaca Township; and Greg Weller
•District 6: David Oslin, incumbent, unchallenged, cities of Isle, Onamia and Wahkon plus townships of East Side, Isle Harbor, Kathio and South Harbor.
City of Princeton: Two council seats and mayor’s office
•Susan Bialka, council member
•Jack Edmonds, council member
•Victoria Hallin, council member, incumbent
•Jeff Reynolds, council members
•Paul Whitcomb, mayor, incumbent, unchallenged.
Milaca City Council: Two council seats and mayor’s office
•Dave Dillan, council member, incumbent, unchallenged
•Ken Muller, council member, incumbent, unchallenged
•Harold “Pete” Pedeson, mayor, incumbent, unchallenged
Princeton School Board: Four seats open
•Sarah Berry
•Kimberly Good
•Estelle “Bid” Heidorf
•Chuck Nagle, incumbent
•Eric Strandberg
•Howard Vaillancourt, incumbent
•Sue VanHooser
•Chad Young, incumbent
Milaca School Board: Three seats open
•Jeff Larson, incumbent, unchallenged
•Bryan Rensenbrink, incumbent, unchallenged
•Aimee Struffer, incumbent, unchallenged
In addition, there are elections to be made in both counties and communities for state Supreme Court justices, judges for multiple courts and offices of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
Places to vote:
•City of Bock: Mille Lacs County Auditor’s Office, 635 Second St. SE, Milaca.
•City of Foreston: Foreston City Hall, 187 Washington Ave., Foreston.
•City of Pease: Pease City Hall, 35 First St. W., Pease.
•City of Princeton: Historic Depot Museum, 103 S. 10th Ave., Princeton.
•City of Milaca: Milaca City Hall, 255 First St. E., Milaca.
•Baldwin Township: Baldwin Town Hall, 30239 128th St. NW, Princeton.
•Blue Hill Township: Blue Hill Town Hall, 15341 321st Ave. NW, Princeton.
•Bogus Brook Township: Bogus Brook Town Hall, 10839 85th Ave., Milaca.
•Borgholm Township: Borgholm Town Hall, 16041 70th Ave., Milaca.
•Greenbush Township: Greenbush Town Hall, 5445 120th Ave., Princeton.
•Milaca Township: Milaca Town Hall, 14511 170th St., Milaca.
•Milo Township: Milo Town Hall, 9429 145th Ave., Foreston.
•Page Township: Page Town Hall, 21804 140th Ave., Milaca.
•Princeton Township in Mille Lacs County: Princeton Town Hall 10039 55th St., Princeton.