Princeton pregnancy boutique Mama Gracie’s featured on podcast

Princeton – Faith Goenner, founder and owner of Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop and Spa in Princeton, was recently featured on a national podcast catering toward new moms.
“How Small Businesses Can Help Breast-feeding and Pumping Moms,” an episode of New Mommy Media’s The Boob Group podcast, brought Goenner together with the co-owner of a business in New York City to discuss what small businesses can do to accommodate mothers who need to nurse their infants or pump for them.
The podcast appearance came about through Goenner’s friendship with the owner of an app called Moms Pump Here, which identifies places for mothers to breast-feed or pump while out and about.
Providing nursing rooms is already a somewhat common practice for large businesses, but some small businesses are working to accommodate new mothers, too. Goenner says spaces for nursing are preferable to bathrooms because bathrooms tend to have germs.
“It does not have to be a huge investment. … There’s opportunity for everyone to do this,” Goenner said.
At Mama Gracie’s, women can use a closed office on the premises to pump or nurse, and at The Molecule Project, the New York business whose co-owner participated in the podcast with Goenner, a cleaned-out storage room serves the same purpose.
Appearing on a podcast was well in line with other means Goenner has used to promote Mama Gracie’s. Goenner makes web content and social media a priority for her business strategy. Mama Gracie’s maintains accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and its website features an active blog. The business’s web presence is managed by Goenner and her staff members, not hired out.
Putting time and effort into online outreach and sales is a way for Mama Gracie’s to attract customers from a broader pool than Princeton’s small-town population, since Mama Gracie’s is a small business appealing to a fairly specific market.
“We’ve had people nationally using our website,” Goenner said. “Sometimes I’d laugh if they really knew where we were. It’s actually kind of cool about the world we live in, that you can be big but be small, if that makes sense.”
Pregnancy spas like Mama Gracie’s aren’t a type of business that’s easy to find everywhere, so catering to customers from other areas can have a mutual benefit.
“To have the woman in New York City say, ‘We want a Mama Gracie’s in our town,’ that was a big deal to me,” Goenner said.
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