City settles employee contracts

Princeton – The city of Princeton approved at its Dec. 22 meeting a one-year contract with the law enforcement union that includes a 3 percent raise in 2017, as well as the same increase for the city’s unionized employees – a 2 percent salary increase in the first part of 2017 and another 1 percent in the second part.
The police contract includes several changes.
The grievance process starts with the chief of police and then goes to the city administrator before going to state board mediation and finally to arbitration.
Officers may take additional funeral leave for fellow officers and extended family.
The requirements increased for officers getting paid for unused sick time upon leaving the job. Formerly, an officer would receive 50 percent of that amount after five years; now they will get 50 percent after 20 years and have a staggered payback schedule for everyone under 20 years.
City employees are now allowed to carry 360 hours of unused vacation time instead of 300 hours.
Officers who perform special duties – such as that of an investigator; field-training officer; or instructor of firearms, defensive tactics or Tasers – will receive an extra 50 or 60 cents per hour for the extra work.
Officers’ uniform allowances increased by $5 to $731 in 2017.
Council Member Jules Zimmer said he especially agrees with the extra pay for specialized instruction. He pointed out that those officers are doing an important job in making sure the critical techniques are taught well and correctly to ensure safety.