Catholic Charities honors local foster grandparents

Catholic Charities’ Central Minnesota Foster Grandparent Program gathered at Jack and Jim’s Event Center Dec. 8 to recognize volunteers’ efforts and celebrate their years of service to the program.
Retiring Executive Director Steve Bresnehan and Area Supervisor Pat Braun led the annual program and acknowledged Foster Grandparents with 1, 5 and 10 years of service.
Princeton Foster Grandparents were among those recognized at the event: Anne Stevenson and Patty Okafor are both new Foster Grandparents who serve at Princeton Primary School. Nancy Erbst was recognized for one year of service at Princeton Primary as was Judy Welton who serves with Lakes and Pines Head Start.
The group honored Foster Grandma Mari Owens for 15 years of service at Princeton Intermediate where she volunteers in third-grade classrooms. One of the classes surprised Owens with a handmade Christmas tree and thank you wishes. For more information or to apply to be a Foster Grandparent, contact Area Supervisor Pat Braun at 612-390-0617 or [email protected]