Milaca mural part of Hardees remodel

Thomas A. Kvamme, Union-Times A mural, that makes up an accent wall at the Milaca Hardees includes three historic points located throughout the city. Pictured includes the Milaca Museum, Mille Lacs County Court House and the Band Shell in Recreation Park. In addition, a fisherman is pictured making a cast into the Rum River.











Guests dining in at the Milaca Hardees now enjoy new surroundings following a recent remodel.
Bringing a more modern look, the change is reported to be the third since the store came to town back in 1990.
The Milaca store is one of 122 in eight states, that is owned by the Northland Restaurant Group.
Reportedly Hardees mandates remodeling and updating around every eight years, thus calling for the cosmetic update.
This came along with new lighting and furniture throughout, to go along with the installation of electronic menu boards.
While customers “always really welcome the change,” it takes some time for the regulars to find their place again.
The modern look now installed is the same decor that all of the new Hardees stores are being outfitted with.
While some work remains to wrap things up, the new look offers customers a mural on the north wall depicting historic points in Milaca.
The mural includes a photo of local historic locations including the Milaca Museum, Mille Lacs County Court House and the Bandshell in Recreation Park.
As a part of the “accent wall,” the mural also has a picture of a fisherman making a cast into the Rum River.
Officials indicated every effort is made during remodels to use as many local contractors as possible.
Throughout the week-long remodeling process that closed the store, the drive-through lane remained open.