People on the Street: Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and if so, how?

Tracie Christianson said, pos-tracie-christianson“No, not really,” since she isn’t Irish and doesn’t drink alcohol. She said she usually affixes something green on her son’s clothes so that he pos-david-carlsondoesn’t get pinched.
David Carlson said he’s an Irishman who doesn’t drink but does observe the holiday. “I wear green for the day,” he said. pos-ken-muller

Ken Muller isn’t Irish and his wife is full Dutch, but he said, “We do join other people’s (celebrations).” He said they enjoy such traditional St. Patty’s Day foods as corn beef and cabbage and sometimes Irish stew.
pos-greg-medenwaldtGreg Medenwaldt said he doesn’t observe St. Patrick’s Day; his heritage is Pennsylvania German and Dutch. He’d rather be out in nature than about anything else, he’s kind of a “rock hound” (collector) and he likes the local lapidary shop.
pos-jillian-lundahlJillianne Lundahl said, no, she doesn’t celebrate or observe the day, but her brothers do in any way they can, usually by visiting bars or clubs.

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