Forfeited properties become conservation land, others sold later this year

The Mille Lacs County Board approved at its April 4 meeting the classification of about 50 parcels of tax-forfeited land the county has acquired during 2014, 2015 and 2016.
The board traditionally classifies each parcel it owns as either non-conservation land or conservation land before the parcels are put up for sale.
Mille Lacs County land specialist Nancy Eibes said the sales would take place after processing, sometime in late summer or early fall. The tax-forfeited parcels from the three-year period consist of about 220 total acres the county classified as non-conservation land and about 31 acres it declared as conservation lands.
The four parcels are given conservation classification because of their proximity to water bodies, highways or lowlands. The designation makes these parcels permanently unavailable for development:
—5.89 acres at 10907 230th St., Hayland Township, Milaca, that run alongside O’Neil Brook.
—22.53 acres along the Rum River between 13th Avenue and 10th Avenue north of Highway 95 and east of Highway 169 in Princeton Township.
—A quarter of an acre along the Rum River north of Highway 95 and west of Sixth Avenue North in Princeton Township.
—2.38 acres along the Rum River east of Highway 169 and its entrance ramp and north of Highway 95 in the city of Princeton.