Princeton honors its school board scholars

Photo by Jeffrey Hage, Union-Times
Twelve seniors from Princeton High School were honored Wednesday, May 10 as 2016-17 School Board Scholars. The students were honored for being in the top five percent of their class over the course of their entire high school career. Pictured are: Front row, left to right, Colton Benner, Samantha Swedzinski, Abigail Hamvas, Sophia Palme, and Lucas Voce. Pictured in the back row, left to right, are Preston Burch, Jacob Bonasera, Thomas Mayerchak, Carl Lind, Jacob Oakes, Gehrig Scheffel, and Gavin Steinberg.





PRINCETON – Twenty-nine of the Princeton School District’s finest students were honored Wednesday, May 10, at the 31st annual School Board Scholar Banquet at Princeton High School.
Seventeen eighth-graders and 12 high school seniors representing the top 5 percent of their classes were honored at the banquet.
Representing Princeton Middle School were Natalie Andert, Madison Bialka, Sydney Christenson, Sydney Eckert, Charles Ellingson, Alisabeth Foede, Caroline Gernander, Alaina Johnson, Bryce Keykal, Emily Kutzler, Madeline Lund, Haley Lupkes, Alanna Mrocek, Breanna Nordeen, Geoffrey Skeim, Jocelyn Strum and Rylie Ann Turnquist-Culp.
Representing Princeton High School were Colton Benner, Jacob Bonasera, Preston Burch, Abigail Hamvas, Carl Lind, Thomas Mayerchak, Jacob Oakes, Sofia Palme, Gehrig Scheffel, Gavin Steinberg, Samantha Swedzinski and Lucas Voce.
Julia Espe, Princeton superintendent, opened the ceremony sharing how proud she is of the nearly 30 students.
She likened their accomplishments to a running race. The seniors are passing the baton to the eighth-graders who are coming to the high school next, she said.
“The seniors are approaching the finish line and the eighth-graders are taking the baton to continue the race until they are seniors in four short years,” Espe said.
She then issued this year’s eighth-graders a challenge to continue their scholarly ways and be back at the banquet as seniors as members of the top 5 percent of their class.
Sarah Marxhasen, assistant principal at the middle school, was they keynote speaker and talked about the inspiration she draws from her students.
She also shared her secret of life.
“It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you,” Marxhausen said.
Marxhausen then shared the story of her sister who died four years ago after a long illness.
“She turned her medical issues into goals for herself. We celebrated achieving goals and the small things in life,” Marxhausen said.
Marxhausen shared the story, she said, because there are times in the lives of the students that they will encounter situations where they might ask “what is the plan?”
That creates a challenge, Marxhausen said.
“Think about what inspires you,” she advised. “Believe in yourself and the power of positive thinking.”
Marxhausen’s advice to the students: “Be true to yourself and do your best,” she said.
“The rest will figure itself out,” Marxhausen said.