Letter criticizes postal-box placement

The city acknowledged a letter sent to the council by members of the family who own the home on Second Street directly west of the U.S. post office. The residents asked the city to relocate the drop-box that is in the alley between the home and the postal building, citing concerns about safety, noise and property value. City Administrator Mark Karnowski explained how the drop box used to be across Rum River Drive from the Post Office, and due to safety concerns, the city worked with the postmaster to get it moved. The councilors asked if there had been safety incidents, and the police chief said none of which he’s aware. The councilors asked if people speed through the alley and everyone supposed not because of the alley’s poor condition. The councilors asked if there had been other complaints in the dozen or so years the box has been there, and Karnowski said not that he knows of. The Council agreed to monitor the situation but acknowledged there is not a good, alternative location for the drop box.