Letter: Answer- How do you make 28 people disappear?

Well, did anyone solve the silly little riddle I posed last week? How I can make 28 people disappear from Princeton? I’ve had numerous people ask me about it this past week, but I didn’t divulge the answer. Actually, it is pretty feeble and hardly worthy of the designation, “riddle.” But here’s the answer. When I come into Princeton from either direction on highway 95, the population of the town is declared to be 2,698, not 2,726 as the signs on highway 169 state. I make the twenty-eight people disappear simply by reading the sign. Where did the twenty-eight go? I don’t know, but I think it is curious that the two intersecting highways are not in agreement about the population of our town. It’s just another strange thing we live with, like the people buried on the north end of the Pioneer Cemetery all being buried in the cross-secting alleys. That block never was designated as a cemetery, but was made up of individual, city lots that people evidently purchased on speculation when the town was young. Even Hamlin University owned five of them. I suppose when people started burying their loved ones on other lots, or in the alleys, the remaining lots became pert-near impossible to sell. But exactly how all that came about is just another curious and interesting puzzle about this town. I doubt anyone has the answer to that one?

Dick Gist, Princeton