Letter: Princeton library hours face reduction

I am writing as a member of Friends of the Library and the former Princeton Area Library Society to correct a statement in Ms. Griffin’s article ‘Isle library allocation comes into question’.
The “money in the dedicated fund” cannot be “spent out.” It is an endowment fund and a fixed source of yearly disbursement. When the Princeton Area Library Society was dissolved in March this fund was transferred to the Friends of the Library because we committed to honoring its original intent: increased access to the library.
What has changed is the ability to pay for 4.5 additional open hours (the 9 staff hours quoted). As I stated at the county meeting on July 5, the endowment fund disbursement covers less than half of the bill for these hours and we do not have the volunteers or resources to cover the other half. Friends will be paying for only two hours beginning January 2018.
Between that reduction and the potential 4 hours lost through actions of the ECRL£oards.the Princeton branch could be reduced to 35 open hours.

Linda Boettcher, Princeton