People on the Street: What is your favorite thing at the fair?

Judy Hible
Brian Hoeck
Ty Rose
Michele McPherson
Frank Hartmann






The Mille Lacs County Fair is well underway this week. We stopped by the fairgrounds earlier in the week and asked some hardworking volunteers: What is your favorite thing at the fair?

Brian Hoeck said, “Arranging the camping area to get all the campers parked properly in an organized fashion and filling in with tents so everything looks organized.”

Ty Rose said, “I really, really like the goats and think it’s neat how they can be taught to do stuff.”

Frank Hartmann said, “I like meeting all my friends and neighbors at the county fair.”

Michele McPherson said, “I like the garden tractor pull and food, especially pork chops from the pork producers and barbecue from Firehouse BBQ.”

Judy Hible, “It has to be the Little Farm Hands because it’s an interactive exhibit for youth who want to be a farmer on a family dairy.”

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