A summer of renovations at Milaca Public Schools

Summer 2017 proved to be different from past summers at Milaca Public Schools. Instead of a building filled with summer youth programming, athletic workouts, and time to catch up on projects, the school was filled with construction workers. Anyone driving by the school could see work was taking place.
The parking lot remodel is the most visible project. Nearly 100 percent of the parking lot asphalt was removed and new asphalt laid. The lots also received new curb, sidewalk, lines, and a new and improved bus loop and parent drop off. The parking lot changes are intended to provide a safer environment for pedestrians, increase parking, and ease drop-off of students.
Vast changes to the inside of the building include new flooring, casework, and plumbing fixtures in many classrooms and common areas. However, the biggest changes are not visible to the naked eye. The high school was converted from a hydronic heating system to steam. This will result in energy savings by using three new high efficiency boilers and high efficiency water heaters that reclaim heat from the steam to preheat domestic water.
In reality, construction started in November when ground was broken for a new ALC and high school classroom addition. The addition features architectural design related to 21st Century Classrooms with open areas for students to collaborate and work together in groups. The space created from the addition allows all Milaca Schools programs, including ALC and Early Childhood, to be located on one campus.
Construction is wrapping up as we approach Tteacher Wworkshop, open house, and the start of the 2017-2018 school year.
As with any project, final detail work will continue outside of school hours. Everyone is excited for students, parents, and staff to see the changes that took place over the summer.