Citizen surveys could guide work on Princeton’s comprehensive plan

debbie griffin

princeton – The Princeton City Council discussed and approved a set a survey questions at its Aug. 10 meeting to be mailed out in people’s September water bills. Citzen answers to the questions will guide the city’s planning consultant, WSB, in formulating the Princeton Comprehensive Plan.
The consultants introduced the concept this year and have been taking comments online at the city’s website – – click on the My Sidewalk link.
The councilors had reviewed the questions Aug. 3, asked for revisions to a few of them and then approved the list at its Aug. 10 meeting.
The 10 questions seek people’s opinions:
1) What types of downtown business do you frequently visit? Retail, restaurant, financial, medical/wellness and other.
2) What types of business or attractions would you like to see develop in the downtown? Retail, restaurants, financial, medical/wellness and other.
3) Should the city be actively engaged with increasing downtown customers? Yes or no.
4) Should the city be actively engaged in seeking complementary businesses that work well with existing Princeton industries by offering subsidies? Yes or no
5) What types of housing would you like to see more of in Princeton? Single-family, multi-family, workforce, affordable, senior, market rate apartments, other.
6) Rank the level of importance of these priorities with one as highest and five as lowest? Reconstruct the sharp corner on Old Highway 18, build a boat launch ramp at Riverside or Riebe Parks, construct a walking bridge between Riebe Park and the west side of the river, extend 21st Avenue S for an alternative route in and out of the industrial park and complete the bike trail from Crystal Cabinets to Mark Park.
7) What type of parks and recreation facility do you and your family most commonly use?
Playgrounds, ball fields, trails, natural areas and other.
8) What type of parks and recreation facility would you like to see expanded and/or improved? Playgrounds, ball fields, trails, natural areas and other.
9) What is your highest priority for the future growth of Princeton? Residential, commercial/retail, industrial, public land and no growth.
10) Should the city engage business owners on the border of the city that have wells and septic to hook to city service? Yes, no, only when a businesses’ septic system fails, engage the township before a business and other.